Global Content Bazaar 2018 had some great interactions on Distributions, Filming from Barjatyas’s , Govind Nihalani , Kireet Khuraana , Aanand Gandhi and many more 

Day 1 and Day 2 at Global Content Bazaar held on 19 th , 20th January Organised by Ramesh Meer was a great success with some of great  collaborations on filming, Distribution, Camera stocks , Content Driven  short films..
Ramesh Meer and Anand Gandhi at Global Content bazaar 2018

Tonpur ka SuperHero Kireet Khuraana shared his experience on Animation while

Kireet khurana, Ramesh Meer , Priyanka
working with Ajay Devgn on a Animated film. How he use to create scene and then shoot the same on Geen cloth with Devgn’s . Kireet Khurana also motivated youth about Short films that can use platform such as Large short films.
Kireet Khuraana also mentioned importance of Short Films to youth , that no matter in what ever format you shoot but main thing is your content on whose basis you will get views on You tube.
To know more about this Kireet Khuraana is conduction workshop “Bhimsen of Animation” on 29th Jan 2018 at Film Division from 11:45 Am onward.
Directors Anand Gandhi, Priyanka Raina

Then there was Ship of Thesses fame Anand Gandhi who too shared his experience that although we made movie in a very low budget , but our content was strong with newest technology used , that pulled Aamir Khan s attention and then our Promotional activities were bit easier. Further Anand Gandhi continues , ” Its not necessary on what ever Budget you shoot.

Important is your Story line, Your Content, and your believe in Film making and then who cares if even you shoot on Mobile.”
Also there was 360 Degrees Camera Virtual Reality  which is a invention of Anand Gandhi, This was earlier used for gaming , and now upgraded a bit to use for film making.. here you can View 3D effect at about 360 Degrees.
Govind Nihalani , Priyanka Raina


Govind Nihalani too appreciated with great work on stalls of gathering International delegates under one Roof . DI Colorist of SHIP OF THESSUS Sidhanth Meer too shared his collaboration with Director Anand Gandhi

Last But Not Least , Whole and sole of Rajshri Productions – RajKumar Barjatya sir liked the 4K camera which was newly launched at Global Content Bazaar..
So That’s isnt amazing to gather amazing stuff under one Roof by one and only Priyanka Raina. Event is too whole and sole organiseed by King of Animations ramesh Meer who gives lectures in UK, USA and world wide too.
Also Ramesh Meer announced next year Global Content Bazaar comes to you on 10 and 11 Jan 2019  with more great stuff and more films.
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