Ek Shoorveer Yodha (2016) Review | Unseen Story of VASCO DA GAMA

Ek Shoorveer Yodha (Poster)

Directed By : Santosh Sivan
Written By : Shanker Ramakrishnan
Cast : Vidya Balan, Taby, Genelia D’Souza, Prabhudeva, Prithviraj Sukumaran Alex O’Nell, Amol Gupte
Produced By : Glamous Still
Review By  : Priyanka Raina

When ever we have stories on History in past, its obvious a well researched movie be it ASOKA or BAHUBALI or be it the famous Tv Series Chandrakanta. The movie is well deprived of old locationa and espicially Costumes. Now, lets talk of our next release EK SHOORVEER YODHA.

EK SHOORVEER YODHA will tell you the real unseen story of Unseen Hero KELU (Prithviraj Sukumaran), who fought  with Vasco Da Gama in-order to save his countrymen , and how we easily forgot him. No one knows the real phase of Vasco , how with Portugal his mission was to conqueror India.

EK SHOORVEER YODHA  story depicts of  todays era 2016 and then back into History where will show real phase of Vasco Da Gama. How KELU bravely fought with Portugal, and he was killed in Conspiracy and Kelu s Son (Krishnaraj)then takes revenge with Makkum (Prabhudeva). How what ever today our roles are , what we would be playing in that era- Defining our Characters

EK SHOORVEER YODHA  A masterpiece by Santosh Sivan will also show many good Characters like Ayesha of Arakal (Genelia D’Souza) and Thanseer (Prabhudeva). Also in small Roles to add beauty (Dancing Beauty)  TABU and Makkum (Vidya Balan).

Review: The story is well narrated by Santosh Sivan, and also we will see good framework of the history. Characters are good enough

Rating : ★★ ★ .5 Stars
Ek Shoorveer Yodha Releases on 11th March in Cinemas all Over !

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Perfect Girl (2014) Review [ A Sweet Perfect Love Story ]

Perfect Girl PosterDirected By : Prakash Nambiar
Cast : Tara Alisha Berry,Teeshay, Shishir Sharma, Raju Kher , Sonali Sachdev, Smita Hai, Vikram Singh Chauhan
Produced By : Udit Shivraj Pathak
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Synopsis:   A young boy (Jay) and a girl (Vedika) happen to meet in the tourist town of Goa. They spend  some time together and realise that they are perfect for each other. However life has other plans. Many years later, in Mumbai, they cross each other. But the memory of their time together is so distant, it takes a while for Jay to recollect. By the time he remembers, she is lost in the crowd.

  What happens when two strangers meet for some time and realise they are perfect for each other? What if life has other plans? Would you wait for your destined perfect other, or would you move on?

Review : A sweet love story between boy and Girl , that happens on just formals talks in Suburbs of GOA just for an hour , and how they happen to meet after ten years on different circumstances, following on different professions.

Rating : ★★★ Stars

Perfect Girl Releases on 9th Sept