Happy 80th Birthday Heman of Bollywood, Dharmendra !

Wishing Happy 80th Birthday to most Handsome Man  of Bollywood till date,  Also most Commonly known as “Heman of Bollywood” (Dharam Paaji Dharmendra  Sir!

Dharmendra & Priyanka Raina

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Incredible India , Talking on Versatile Locations by Vetern Filmmakers

Filmmakers Ramesh Sippy, Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra,Kabir Khan, Piyush Mishra, Actor Sanjay Suri , Along with Location managers explore  locations for Incredible India ( Kashmir to Kanya Kumari) at Producers Lab

Ramesh Sippy and Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra
Kabir Khan
Actor Sanjay Suri
Ministry of Locations

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Run Bhuumi (2015) Review |Bhaaaag

Directed By : Prashant Singh Rathore
Produced By :4S International Ltd., White Knight Production & Origin Pictures
Cast :
Himani Attri as Bhuumi
Mansoob Haider as Coach Sikandar
Bhagwan Tiwari as Duggar
Hema Singh as Grand mother
Kamakshi Tiwari as Mamta
Ritik Thakur as Bittu
Ranvir Singh Rathor as Minister Pandey

Review By : Priyanka Raina

Run Bhoomi poster

When ever we watch movies on Sports fiction , Its obvious that it has be connecting with Sports personality like Mikha Singh or be it like Bend it Like Beckham , which were fabulous and gave unique flavour to Viewers. Now Lets see , How Run Bhuumi fares at Box Office.

Being an Independent film with fresh cast revolves around Brother – Sister Relationship where Sister Bhoomi fights to Run the race for treatment of her Brother Bittu.

Well there are twists and turns in her life , where coach Sikander  is forced to take (Kuldip) – son of a politician (Minister Pandey)  so that he wins elections. Now what happens next , How Sikander trains the Bhoomi in spite of these problems occurring , is the rest of the story.

Direction : The Editor turned Director Prashant Singh Rathore needs more training from Vetern Director Aneez bazmee. Although,  He has written a Good script but  somewhere could be more better in executing. Some scenes are more lenghtier , and looks like Typical Dialogue delivery. Recing scenes seems like you are watching a Short film.

Music : Music by Sudhakar Dutt Sharma & Niekk is nothing extra ordinary that you would love to hear again and again. Except few songs which comes before interval is emotional , Rest can just add some flavours to it.

Review : Can give just two Stars to the Film – One for just the story line which is interesting, not the execution and other may go to few scenes and slight to music which atleast makes you get connected with film.

Rating : ★★ Stars

Run Bhoomi Releases on 12th Nov 2015 !

Audience is the Biggest Critics | Priyanka Raina Says after watching BOMBAY VELVET at Gaiety

Being a Critic and a Filmmaker Both is tough at times, Like it has been seen earlier for a Renown Film Critic KHALID MOHAMMED who made FIZA had not got much good reviews by critics because he was criticising every film. Even for Anusha Rizvi had same problems with her Debutant Movie Peepli Live.

Bombay Velvet PosterCritics are too part of the Industry and without Critics, its totally impossible for our movie to sell. Critics should judge a movie as Audiences & Above all being a movie Lover instead of just finding negative points. A Filmmaker makes film with his or her Blood & soul in it, and it takes just a minute in Criticising it by the Critics.

Coming to the Movie BOMBAY VELVET, in spite of not getting good Reviews by Critics-The movie picked up on its second Day. Audience were clapping on Dialogues. Also Filmmakers like Aditya Chopra still believe “Audience is  Biggest Critics” and see every film in theaters to catch general reactions.

Bombay Velvet is a Story of Johny Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) who wants to a Big Shot and incidentally meets KHAMBATA (Karan Johar) one Day while robbing his bag and is being caught. KHAMBATA feels that this Boy has guts and makes him the owner of BOMBAY VELVET, and on other hand Balraj brings his Girl Friend ROSY (Anushka Sharma) as lead Singer of Bombay Velvet.

Bombay Velvet can be called as Beautiful Creation by Reality Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, Also can be defined as masterpiece and Transformation of Bombay to Mumbai, Can see Bombay of 1960s – The Roads, Double Decker Busses, Ambassador Cabs and many more. Apart there are Fun Dialogues, Ring Fight, 1960s Classics Songs of Geeta Bali, and above all Entertainment.

Also Movie has a Straight Love Story(Rosy & Balraj) and Gay Love Story(Balraj & Khambata). When Khambata says to Ranbir Kapoor, “”Rosy mein tumne aisa kya dekha , jo mujh mein nahi dekha”- The whole Theater is Burst with Claps and Laughter.

Bombay Velvet can also be defined as Cinematic- A movie which describes Cinema. In Short Bombay Velvet is a Must Watch Film for Everyone.

SHAANDAAR Review (2015) | For Dream Lovers, SHAANDAAR is for you

Directed By : Vikas Bahl
Cast : Pankaj Kapur, Shahid Kapoor, Aliaa Bhatt, Sanjay Kapoor
Produced By : Dharma Productions and Phantom Pictures
Review By : Priyanka Raina

ShaandaarTalking about Love stories based on fairy tale, Some of which have proved Epic like Cinderella where a Girl dreams of meeting his Prince charming are loved  and appreciated by Audience in past for taking them to dreamland. Lets See how SHAANDAAR fares in taking to Dream land.

SHAANDAAR is a Story of Alia (Aliaa Bhatt) who is adopted by father (Pankaj kapoor) and is Dishonored by his Mom (Sushma Swaraj). As a Result, Alia is close to his father and is having insomnia (Not getting sleep at night). His dad is in hope , that someday she will get someone who will make her Sleep.

So wedding of two Royal families happen (Alia younger sister) and Brother of (Sanjay Kapoor) in Royal way. Shahid Kapoor is the Wedding planner and even does not get sleep at night, turns to be prince charming. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Also Koffee with Karan is introduced in movie as SANGEET with KARAN , where Karan Johar plays a special appearacne and takes buzzer round to gift hamper.

Graphics and Animation : Since I am Animator, can tell Animation of fairy tales beautifully done. Also the one Ride with Horse is lovely where Horse is Animation Character. Loved the Frog (named as Ashok by Alia)

Music : Music of the film is catchy , and makes you dance like “Raiyata Fail gaya” and wedding song which is based on Qawalli number. Also Sangeet sequence is good and the Bachelor party song which can be played in weddings.

Review: Can give Two and Half Stars to the film. One for its lovely Animation for entering into fairy world, One fpr its songs which are way to keeping in loop and Half star for its Comedy with Thundering Dialogues.

Rating : ★★ . 5 Stars to the film

Watch Shaandaar Trailer 

SHAANDAAR Releases in Theaters on 22nd Oct 2015