Prem Chopra Celeberated 81st Birthday , Sharing a Social message “Avoid Cold Drinks” !

The Team of LEHREN , along with Priyanka Raina  celebrated 81st Birthday of Legendary Actor and Most Veratile VILLAIN but a Good Man of all Times – “Prem naam Hai Mera” – Shri Prem Chopra

Prem Chopra, Priyanka Raina
On this Blessed Day , Prem Chopra didnt talk much about his past films as He believes in Today. He Further added, ” Life is to look Forward and with Blessings of all you Wonderful people – I am still working and feel totally Blessed”
And PREM CHOPRA also Congratulated Priyanka Raina after Seeing Cold Drinks is Injuious to Health Short Film and added , “I still say to my kids that it is dangerous & Avoid in take of aerated drinks , Instead they are so many healthy Drinks like Lassi , Chaas . Fresh juices , take that which is healthier and Don’t spoil your Health”
Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health Features Abhishek Bajaj and Navjot Singh. The Film is produced by Tapish Joshi under Banner  Devil Mixing Pictures .
Well Thanks so much for your Good Wishes and We wish you a Very Happy Blessed Birthday to our Loved Prem Uncle

Watch Entre VIDEO Here

Watch COLD DRINKS is injurious to Health 

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The Jungle Book (2016)| Iconinc Masterpiece that will recall our Childhood memory lane

The Jungle BOOK 

Directed By : John Favreau

Review By : Priyanka Raina

GENRE : Animation (3D)

Before we speak about JUNGLE BOOK , let me showcase the era of 1990s (Our Childhood Times) when first we saw this Iconic Character MOUGLI on screen and became everyone favorites, and every Sunday can’t waited to to watch him on National Television.

Era of 1990’s leaves us with so many memories in lane , emerging of Black and White TV Color TV , Playing Super Mario on Video games, First Epec Serial Mahabharata & First Ramayana & Chandrakanta, First Drama Serial Shanti & Swabhimaan, and First Cartoonist Character MOWGLI – Known as Jungle Book.

The Jungle Book , Directed By John Favreau is an lovely masterpiece connected with our Child memory lane and will take us to that era when we saw MOUGLI first time on screen. Every single frame is epic and will feel that we too are part of that lovely Jungle.

Besides , they are iconic Voice-overs of BHALU by IRRFAN KHAN who was bound to be lazy and loves Honey. Nana Patekar is the Real Sherkhan and steals with his persona (Even Voice). Sexiest Voice ever on screen KIA by Gorgeous Priyanka Chopra who tries to seduse Mougli.

Around One Lakh Animators have work to create this Beautiful Jungle and JUNGLE BOOK is the first movie which is released First in Hindi & then English.

Rating  : ★★ ★ ★ Stars


Also Jungle Book (3D)will Release in Cinemas in INDIA first , and then Rest of World. Hindi Version Releases on 8th April all over & English Version on 16th April

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Canada Di Flight (2016) Review |Dont Miss out the Flight

Directed By : Roopesh Rai Sikand
Produced By : Sunil Pathare, Ajay Makkar, Deepak Chaudhary, Tejas Parmar
Cast : Yuvraj Hans, Nvraj Hans, Rana Ranbir, Shobita Rana, Akruti Bharti, Aanushka
Language : Punjabi
Genre : Comedy | Romance | Drama
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Canada Di Flight (Poster)

Other then Bollywood , There’s a Vast Market for Regional Cinema which are coming up with excellent messages. Talking about Punjabi Cinema, which itself describes a Full Entertainment , and also has its market  Globally.

Film “Canada Di Flight” is basically Story of Three Young Hunks ( Yuvraj Hans, Nvraj Hans, Rana Ranbir) who like every Punjabi wants to go to Canada and settle uo with Business , But they dont know how to go. So They Decide to go through agent Chawla and what happens next – Will they be able to Board Flight to Canada or … well Is the Rest of the Story.

Music : When ever songs comes to Punjabi Music, It has to be highly entertainer. Music of the film is catchy and enjoyable at times.

Direction : Comedy films has to be perfect with Timing , and  Canada Di Flight Director Roopesh Rai Sikand maintains it well. The movie is portrayed well with a Good message , “Home is Home, No wonder where ever you go in the world – There’s no better place such as Home”

Review : All Characters have performed Brilliant Comedy,  Director has well tight script that revolves well within Character, Good Cinematography, and Last But Not Least – Good Use of Punjabi Proverbs, So Give Four Stars to the Film

Rating : ★★ ★ ★ Stars

Watch CANADA DI FLIGHT Trailer here

Punjabi Film Canada Di Flight Releases on 1st April 2016 all Over !

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Chota Bheem (2016) Review | Enroute Locations of Manali

Here’s the First Review on Year 2016

Genre : Animated, Comedy-Adventure.
Produced by: Rajiv Chilaka & Samir
Directed by: Rajiv Chilaka & Rosauro.B.Addrable
Review By : Ankit Agarwal

CBHA poster

When ever movie on Animation are made in past , like Tonpur ka Superhero – which are evolved to be Kids entertainer. Naam Se chhota but kaam se bade bade pahaad(Mountain) chad jaai. This is our  Chhota Bheem. Now Lets Chota Bheem , how it fares with the Audience.

Movie will take you to the World of snow i.e Manali. Chhota bheem along with his team wanted to play with snow, so all of them went to Manali with the permission of king,But unfortunately they were not getting permission to get inside the kingdom of Manali. As always happen when there is HERO there is a VILLAIN. Chhota bheem and team came to know that they can’t go inside the kingdom because of Hidambak i.e villan of movie. Real Movie starts from there, Children will not stop Laughing. Great sense of comedy in the movie.

Locations of the film are just fab , as Today Children staying in cities are hardly aware of Snow and They will enjoy great feel of SNOW in the movie.

Direction is fab and can be called as Great entertaining movie. Movie will teach you how to face untoward situations. Also Movie has Advertisement of Parle-G in between the movie, which I guess is every Kids favorite

It will boost your confidence level, Age, Height doesn’t matter if you have courage and confidence you can tackle any situation.

Animation of the movie is totally well rendered and the way of locations are created to maintain the beauty of nature.

The Last Word : Movie clearly stated that friendship is great power with which you can achieve anything in life. Always give your hand to truth.

Ratting: ★★★★ Stars

Chota Bheem Releases on 8th Jan 2016 All over

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Happy 80th Birthday Heman of Bollywood, Dharmendra !

Wishing Happy 80th Birthday to most Handsome Man  of Bollywood till date,  Also most Commonly known as “Heman of Bollywood” (Dharam Paaji Dharmendra  Sir!

Dharmendra & Priyanka Raina

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46th International Goa (IFFI) Film Festival Closing Ceremony

गोवा में 20 नवंबर से चल रहा 46वां भारत अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म महोत्सव, 2015  का आज समापन


गोवा में 20 नवंबर से चल रहा 46वां भारत अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म महोत्सव, 2015  का आज समापन हुआ।  समापन अवसर पर संगीत के माध्यम से सिनेमा की भावना व्यक्त किया गया और अर्जेन्टिना की फिल्म द क्लैन‘ गई। 10 दिन तक चले समारोह के प्रमुख आकर्षण निन्नलिखित रहेः-

·         भारत अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म महोत्सव में पहली बार यूनेस्को फेलिनी पदक।

·         भारत अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म समारोह 2015 में स्पेन फोकस देश रहा।

·         पंजीकृत प्रतिनिधियों की कुल संख्या- 7000

·         अंतर्राष्ट्रीय निर्णायक मंडल में अध्यक्ष शेखर कपूर के साथ ब्रिटेन स्थित निर्देशक माइकल रैडफोर्ड, फलिस्तीन स्थित निर्देशक सुश्री सुहा अराफ , जर्मन अभिनेत्री जुलिया जेन्स  तथा दक्षिण कोरिया के  जियों क्यू ह्वान थे।


·         13 सदस्यीय फीचर निर्णायक मंडल के अध्यक्ष अरिबम श्यामशर्मा रहे जबकि 7 सदस्यीय गैर-फीचर निर्णायक मंडल के प्रमुख राजेंद्र जांगले रहे।

·         महोत्सव में प्रीमियर की कुल संख्या( विश्व ,अंतर्राष्ट्रीय ,एशिया और भारत)- 120

·          इस वर्ष के महोत्सव में  820 से अधिक फिल्म प्रतिनिधियों की मेजबानी की गई। इनमें 540 राष्ट्रीय , 280 अंतर्राष्ट्रीय निर्देशक, अभिनेता , प्रोड्यूसर और टेकनीशियन रहे। इनमें आस्कर अकादमी के सदस्य  तथा हालीवुड के विशेषज्ञ शामिल हैं।

·          प्रविष्टि के लिए 790 फिल्में मिलीं।

·         फिल्मों का अंतिम चयन- 182(विदेशी सिनेमा)

·         भाग लेने वाले देशों की संख्या- 90

·          फिल्म- द मैन हू न्यू इनफिनिटी, मिड फेस्ट फिल्म – मीडिया और दर्शकों ने डेनमार्क की बालिका की सराहना की

·         क्लोजिंग फिल्म- एल क्लैन का चयन 72वें वेनिस अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म समारोह में दिखाने के लिए चुनी गई थी, जहां निर्देशक पैबलो ट्रापेरो ने सिल्वर लायन जीता। यह फिल्म 88वें अकादमी पुरस्कार के लिए श्रेष्ठविदेशी भाषा फिल्म वर्गमें अर्जेन्टिना के प्रवेश के लिए चुनी गई थी।

·          केन्स, बर्लिन , टोरंटो तथा लोकार्नो फिल्म समारोह की अनेक बड़ी फिल्मों सहित 26 अधिकारिक आस्कर प्रविष्टियां ।

·         भारतीय पैनोरामा में 47 फिल्में(फीचर और गैर-फीचर)।

·          पूर्वोत्तर से नया क्षितिज- जाने-माने फिल्मकार अरिबम श्याम शर्मा पर विशेष रेट्रोस्पेक्टिव तथा पूर्वोत्तर के  पीढ़ी के फिल्मकारों पर विशेष वर्ग।


·         स्पर्धाओं में 15 फिल्मों में से  देशों से 5 फिल्में  आस्कर प्रविष्टि रहीं। इस सूची में कोलंबिया की सिरो गुएरा निर्देशित एल एब्रेजो डी ला सरपिन्टे(इमब्रैस आप द सर्पेंट) , फ्रांस की डेनिज गेमजे इरगुवेन निर्देशित मुस्तंग , जर्मनी की  रिसियारेली निर्देशित आस्कर प्रविष्टि लैबरिन्थ डेस श्वीजेन्स(लैबरिन्थ आफ लाइज) , आइसलैंड की  हकोनारसन निर्देशित आस्कर प्रविष्टि रैम्स तथा सर्बिया की गोरान रादोवानोविक निर्देशित इनक्लेव शामिल हैं।

·         46वें भारत अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म महोत्सव में विश्व सिनेमा में योगदान के लिए रूस के फिल्मकार , अभिनेता और सिनेमाटोग्राफर यूनियन के नीकीता मिखालकोव को लाइफ टाइम एचीवमेंट पुरस्कार। समारोह में बर्नट् बाय सन , बार्बर आफ साइबेरिया  ओबलोम्बो जैसी उनकी चुनिंदा फिल्मों को सम्मान दिया गया ।

·          महोत्सव में जाने-माने संगीतकार इलयाराजा को शताब्दी व्यक्तित्व पुरस्कार दिया गया ।

·          फिल्म और सांस्कृतिक विविधता पर आसीएफटी -यूनेस्को  का आयोजन। इसमें श्री फिलिप क्यी(फ्रांस) , श्री चार्ल्स वैलेरैन्ड (कनाडा) तथा सुश्री शारदा रामनाथन(भारत) ने भाग लिया।

·          फिक्की के सहयोग से अमेरिका में शूटिंग पर उद्योग के पेशेवर लोगों के साथ संवाद।

·          डीएवीपी तथा एनएफएआई द्वारा मल्टी मीडिया प्रदर्शनी का आयोजन।

·         शशि कपूर पर विशेष रेट्रोस्पेक्टिव में प्रख्यात अभिनेता शशि कपूर की 8 फिल्मों की झलकियां दिखाई गईं। उनमें जुनून(1978),न्यू डेल्ही टाइम्स(1986),उत्सव(1984) , इन कस्डी (मुहाफिज)(1993), कलयुग(1981), दीवार(1975), शेक्सपीयरवाला(1965) तथा हाउस होल्डर(1963) शामिल हैं।

·          आस्कर अकादमी का तीन सदस्यों का दल पहली बार  मास्टर क्लासेज के लिए भारत आया । प्रतिनिधिमंडल में  शामिल मार्क मैन‍गिनी, मिल्‍ट शेफ्टर हमफेरी डिक्सन तथा नैन्‍सी बिशप ने साउंड डिजायनिंग , फिल्‍म आर्काइव, संपादन  तथा कास्टिंग पर व्याख्यान दिए।

·          अनिल कपूर, इल्या राजा , सोनाक्षी सिन्हा , कबीर खान , देव पटेल , मार्क मैनगिनी , आयुष्मान खुराना , अदिति राव हैदरी , जैकी श्राफ , नाना पाटेकर , सचिन पिलगांवकर , सुभाष घई , शेखर कपूर , कौशिक गांगुली , एडवर्ड प्रेसमैन , नीकीता मिखालकोव , माइकेल रैडफोर्ड , जुलिया जेन्स , सुहा अराफ , राज कुमार हीरानी ,  प्रियदर्शन, वेत्रीमारन, मधुर भंडारकर, आन्‍नद एल राय, श्‍याम बेनेगल, के.के. सेनथिल कुमार तथा शेखर महादेवन शामिल हुए।     

·         राष्‍ट्रीय फिल्‍म विरासत मिशन के आर्कषण को दिखाने के लिए रिस्टोर्ड क्लासिक वर्ग । यह सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्रालय की परिकल्पना से बना और इसका उद्देश्य भविष्य के लिए सिनेमा की समृद्ध और विविध विरासत को  संजो कर रखना है।

·         विश्व सिनेमा में उभरती मेधा  लिए  विशेष रूप से बनाए वर्ग फर्स्ट कट  में नए विदेशी फिल्मकारों की कृतियों को दिखाया गया। इन फिल्मकारों में ब्रियन पर्किन्स (गोल्डल किंगडम-अमेरिका) , माइकेल क्लेटे (सोलनेस- जर्मनी)  तथा पियोट्र चेरजन( साइ लव- पोलैंड) तथा अन्य रहे।

·         वुमनक्लेचर आफ सिनेमा का विशेष वर्ग बना जिसमें भारतीय महिला फिल्मकारों की कृतियां दिखाई गईं। इनमें अंजलि मेनन( मजादिकुरु) अपर्णा सेन ( 36 चौरंगी लेन ), जोया अख्तर(जिंदगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा) शामिल हैं।

05·         संवाददाता सम्‍मेलनों का सूत्रबद्ध रूप में आयोजन, फेस्‍टीवल मोबाइल ऐप त‍था फौरी सूचना, कंटेंट और मेहमानों तथा प्रतिनिधियों के लिए अन्‍य पहल।

·         अनेक फिल्‍मों को दिखाने के बावजूद सिनेमा हॉल रोजाना हाउसफुल रहे।

·         कार्यक्रम इन कनवरसेसन’ में राजकुमार हीरानी, मधुर भंडारकर, श्‍याम बेनेगल, वेत्रीमारन, कौशिक गांगुली, राकेश ओम प्रकाश मेहरा, प्रियदर्शन, आनंद एल राय विशेष श्रृंखलाओं में शामिल हुए। इन श्रृंखलाओं के माध्‍यम से दर्शकों को फिल्‍मकारों तथा फिल्‍म विशेषज्ञों से संवाद करने का अनूठा अवसर मिला।

·         महोत्‍सव में समकालीन अर्जीटिनियाई सिनेमा का पैकेज प्रस्‍तुत किया गया। इसमें दिखाई गई फिल्‍मों में अर्जेंटिना जोन्‍डा, एल सिनको, इंटिमेट विटनेस, मेक्सिकन ओपरेशन, रैपचर, वाइल्‍ड टेल्‍स शामिल हैं।

·         बड़ी संख्‍या में दर्शक और मीडिया कर्मी ओपन फोरम तथा दैनिक संवादाता सम्‍मेलनों में शामिल हुए।

·         समापन समारोह में अर्जेंटिना, नाइजीरिया तथा कंसुलेट जनरल ऑफ तुर्की के प्रतिनिधि मेहमान । ओपनिंग समारोह में स्‍पेन तथा इसरायल के प्रतिनिधि शामिल हुए।

·         राष्‍ट्रीय और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हस्तियों के सा‍थ लाईव सोशल मीडिया संवाद।

·         विभिन्‍न वर्गों में फिल्‍मों के चयन से विदेशी और भारतीय प्रतिनिधि प्रसन्‍न हुए।

·         भारतीय दर्शकों को विश्‍व सिनेमा का श्रेष्‍ठ दिखाया गया और श्रेष्‍ठ भारतीय सिनेमा की अंतर्राष्‍ट्रीय प्रतिनिधियों ने तारीफ की।

·         शाम के मुख्‍य अतिथि ए आर रहमान थे। महोत्‍सव में पेबलो सीजर, जॉन डी बेल्‍स, गु‍नीत मोंगा, माइकल वार्ड, निशीथ ताकिया, लोन्‍ना स्टेस, यंग वू किम शामिल हुए।

·         पुरस्‍कार प्राप्‍त फिल्‍मकार भागीरथी, तपन विश्‍वास, श्रीजीत मुखर्जी, कौशिक गांगुली त‍था सिनेमा की अनेक हस्तियों ने अपने प्रशंसकों और मीडिया से मुलाकात और बातचीत की।

·         महोत्सव में विश्‍व‍सिनेमा की असाधारण फिल्‍मों को दिखाने का मानक तय हुआ और आधिकारिक ऑस्कर प्र‍‍विष्टियों वाली 26 देशों की फिल्‍में दिखाई गईं। यह फिल्‍में केंस, वेनिस, बर्लिन तथा बुसान फिल्‍म उत्‍सवों का हिस्‍सा रही हैं।     

सीने छायाकार : रमाकांत मुंडे, मुंबई

Black Home (2015) Review | [Black Home is a True Film to Define harassment and Exploitation against Girls]

Directed By : Ashish Deo
Produced By : Vijay Kamble
Co Produced By : Mahesh Ramnath Salunke   mahesh ramnath salunkhe
Banner : Samajik Samata Manch
Presenter : Bharat Shah
Genre : Adults , Kids can watch but with guidance
Cast : Ashitosh Rana, Chitrashi Rawat, Anchit Kaur, Raju Kher, Amit Behl, Simran Sehmi, Vishwajeet Pradhan
Black Home Poster
Black Home is a true Researched film that will reveal the Hidden Bitter truth of “Remand Home” where Under 18 Girls are brought after Kidnapping from various places. Not only Kidnapping , but also raped Brutally and on above they are not given food to eat. They make them suffer for food to the extent, that they have to come near them and are Sexually exploited.
Remand Home is owned by Meena Kumari(Anchit Kaur) and Security Guard (Vishwajeet Pradhan) who takes care that no one should run from here. They supply girls to a  Politician  who is a chief minister and also owns a News Channel Bureau. Now  Senior Reporter of  News Channel Bureau (Ashitosh Rana) investigates the Mystery behind Remand Home and is fired from CEO (Amit Behl) because he was pressurized from Politician who own News Channel.  His Aim was to reveal the real truth to public and save innocent girls , so He hires a Journalist Anjali (Simran Sehmi) on a Secret Mission to cover the Story.
Anjali was shocked to see incidents that were happening in Remand Home, that even this could be one phase of Life. She considers herself to be luckier and Thanks God that to be blessed with everything , as she was getting married to Canada based NRI. Raju Kher look good in his small Role of Father In Law.
Now with help of Prakash who works for welfare of  Remand Home and has married a girl from there, Simran gives a Mobile to Mirchi (Chitrasheen) and tells to do the recording . Mirchi has killed two persons , coz they were raping her cousins & so Mirchi was brought to Remand Home. Absolutely thundering Magnificent performance by the CHAKDE INDIA Girl Chitrashi Rawat.
Also movie has some important punchlines to Add Commercialism , Like Meaning of Journalism “In Ancient Times NARAD used to gives each and every news. We are future NARAD who give Breaking News to Public”
Review : Black Home , Directed By Ashish Deo is a researched film & conveys simple message to Stop exploitation which is happening in most parts of Capital City DILLI. Nirbhaya Case is a very good example of this, who was raped Brutally and was left.
Also Black Home should be shown to children in schools especially girls, so that they become aware that not to take anything from strangers.
Rating : ★★★★ Stars to the film
Watch BLACK HOME Trailer
The BLACK HOME Movie Releases on 20th March 2015

Audience is the Biggest Critics | Priyanka Raina Says after watching BOMBAY VELVET at Gaiety

Being a Critic and a Filmmaker Both is tough at times, Like it has been seen earlier for a Renown Film Critic KHALID MOHAMMED who made FIZA had not got much good reviews by critics because he was criticising every film. Even for Anusha Rizvi had same problems with her Debutant Movie Peepli Live.

Bombay Velvet PosterCritics are too part of the Industry and without Critics, its totally impossible for our movie to sell. Critics should judge a movie as Audiences & Above all being a movie Lover instead of just finding negative points. A Filmmaker makes film with his or her Blood & soul in it, and it takes just a minute in Criticising it by the Critics.

Coming to the Movie BOMBAY VELVET, in spite of not getting good Reviews by Critics-The movie picked up on its second Day. Audience were clapping on Dialogues. Also Filmmakers like Aditya Chopra still believe “Audience is  Biggest Critics” and see every film in theaters to catch general reactions.

Bombay Velvet is a Story of Johny Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) who wants to a Big Shot and incidentally meets KHAMBATA (Karan Johar) one Day while robbing his bag and is being caught. KHAMBATA feels that this Boy has guts and makes him the owner of BOMBAY VELVET, and on other hand Balraj brings his Girl Friend ROSY (Anushka Sharma) as lead Singer of Bombay Velvet.

Bombay Velvet can be called as Beautiful Creation by Reality Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, Also can be defined as masterpiece and Transformation of Bombay to Mumbai, Can see Bombay of 1960s – The Roads, Double Decker Busses, Ambassador Cabs and many more. Apart there are Fun Dialogues, Ring Fight, 1960s Classics Songs of Geeta Bali, and above all Entertainment.

Also Movie has a Straight Love Story(Rosy & Balraj) and Gay Love Story(Balraj & Khambata). When Khambata says to Ranbir Kapoor, “”Rosy mein tumne aisa kya dekha , jo mujh mein nahi dekha”- The whole Theater is Burst with Claps and Laughter.

Bombay Velvet can also be defined as Cinematic- A movie which describes Cinema. In Short Bombay Velvet is a Must Watch Film for Everyone.

Exclusive, Priyanka Raina in Conversation with JACKIE BHAGNANI !

On conversation with Jackky Bhagnani over Cup of Coffee on his forthcoming Flick “Welcome To Karachi” at Homey Homes, Juhu.

Jackie Bhagnani, Priyanka RainaQ : Journey from Faltu to Blockbuster YOUNGIESTAN which you have got amazing response by everyone  and Now you Welcoming everyone for a Trip to Karachi- What are your expectations ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Amazing Response (Laughs), We believe in our Content and now its all your’s

Q : How Different Welcome to karachi is from Youngistaan ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Its is Different. Youngistaan was a Romantic Political Drama, while WTK is an Out and Out Comedy.

Q : Is the movie releasing in Pakistan ?

Jackky Bhagnani : No….

Q : But What is the problem, even Film Honour Killings which was suppose to release in UK and Pakistan on 27th Feb 2015 – But only got release in UK  and not in Pakistan, in spite movie had their Star Zara Shaikh ?

Jackky Bhagnani : I think , they want to see the film first that we are not making any fun of them , and may be next week they will release.

Q : How was your collaboration with Lauren Gottlieb ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Oh Superb and She is a Versatile actress, and she is being amazing with Hindi language. In just three to four takes , she gave a excellent Shot, that’s amazing. have u met her….

Priyanka Raina: yah , I was in her Birthday Part on 6th June 2014

Jackky Bhagnani : Oh you were in her Birthday Party

Priyanka Raina: Yeps , I went with my Friends and also Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and told ohh Since your Party “Lets take a Pic together”  and since I know her , she’s very Down to earth…..

Q : Since its her DEBUT film , so how did she fare in it?

Jackky Bhagnani : She is very spontaneous and plus She is very hard working. She doesnt know the language and she wants to learn more. She was trying to make an effort , that’s what matter

And So we Conclude our Interview , Just a Small message to our fans – Best wishes for Short Film Festival !

Jackky Bhagnani Wishes for SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2015

Welcome to Karachi (2015) Review | (Paagalon ki Baarat on Trip to Karachi

Welcome to KarachiWhen we talk about Out and Out Comedy, especially what comes to our Mind – Comedy King ROHIT SHETTY, Isnt it? The Man to have delivered GOLMAAL Series where we had a huge laughter. Now its turn of his Student AASISH R MOHAN with Welcome to Karachi weather he will come up his Guru’s expectations.

Welcome to Karachi is a Story of a Gujarati GuyKedar (Jackky Bhagnani) who has Super Extra Mind and wants to go to America to set up his Dandiya Business, and always his VISA rejected. and SecondlyShammi (Arshad Warsi) who also has a Extra Mind and claims himself as Navy officer and he has sunk Two Boats. Kedar’s dad sennt them to take care of Wedding family in a boat and they both Run away with Boat. Next storm comes and Boat sinks & Kedar, Shammi are lying on Sands of Karachi.

Now Kedar and Shammi who dont know meaning of Talibaan, don’t know who is musharaff Land on outskirts of KARACHI and what happens is Rest of story.

Lauren Gottlieb plays Intelligent Officer from Pakistan, Although she doesn’t have much scenes But she is good enough in her Four scenes.

In Short, you will go crazy with Kedar and Shammi’s Karachi trip, and there versatile experience and there Brain Level (200%).

Review : This is an Out to out Comedy for all those who love Comedy films, and can be another Hit Comedy like David Dhawan and Rohit Shetty Films. leave your brains at Home , and you will Enjoy movie with a Bowl of Pop Corn.

Rating : ★★★ Stars to the film

Watch  Welcome To Karachi Trailer Here

Welcome To Karachi , in Cinemas from 28th May 2015