Priyanka Raina (Film Critic and Short Film Maker)

Being from a Business Background, I always wanted to pursue in my Film Industry and Thank God , I have eventually made it.

Firstly , When was in college I had no idea how to enter and so just used to google “How to Enter Film Industry”. Finally found out the way was Acting classes, so went to Kishore Namit, but again dropped the idea as was far from my place.Then second option was Ashok Kumar Academy at Chembur. And Luckily when classes over , gave auditions at Balaji Telefilms and eventually got selected for “Kyunki saas bhi kabhi thi” which became College fame.

After college, to learn more aspects of Acting joined Theaters with EKJUTE to go more deep into it. Then my interest came towards Direction so left and did Two years course in Direction and Graphics.  which eventually helped me make my first Short Film AZAAD BHARAT

The the ways continued with lots of work , My Films “Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai” , “DunnoY2” and many more. Apart from Features,  Short Films have never stopped for me as you loose your practise. Then “Clean and Green India” which won me many awards and appreciation with huge round of applause.

Then came DUM , Who is responsible based on different creteria and finally ZINDAGI which is written by Kapil Sharma. Zindagi features Sahila Chaddha, Yuvraaj Parashar and introduces a new bie Preety Malik.

Apart from short films , AD fillms have also been in Kitty like cooperate AD for Mahindra Tracter, Nakshatra AD with Mohan Bhandari, Apna Bazaar AD (Upinder Raisuddin) . Apart also I love reviewing films and got opportunity to write for fewer websites – Bharat Cine Tv Writers , Universal Newsline , OmniScent Entertainment

Well That was my Short and sweet Description, will come soon with something new till then keep following me on Facebook and Twitter

2 thoughts on “Priyanka Raina (Film Critic and Short Film Maker)

  1. Very proud fil,and way to go film line u dedication appreciateful .I like and impose u tips.. And God Nice..god any time take bless and happynes to u and u family… Jai ganpatibless ..u any time shine just star pool..


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