(From My dairies) Exploring a New City, Leukerbad !

Priyanka Raina, Leuk

Who don’t love to be in mountains, A road which is free from pollution for cycling, jogging – That could be another Dream destination for holidaying , isn’t it?


So Let me tell something about Leukerbad , A small village situated in Suburbs of Switzerland and 30 minutes away from Leuk Station.

Leuk Station
Leuk Station

This can be one of the Dream destinations for shootings, filming a dream sequence as surrounded by Mountains, Ice skating and also Cable cars.

Population of Leukerbad may be around 1590 and area would be 67.2 kms square.  Also one can see Cows eating grass in fiends with no man guarding on them. Instead they are put with Sim in their neck, incase if they get lost – One can locate them through Mobile data.

Swiss COW
Swiss Cow

Well now apart from this, also Leukerbad has MIGROS which has all the eatables stuff, Clothes and daily requirements for living.  And PIZZERIA , A hang out chilling place for youngsters

Priyanka Raina, Leuk
Priyanka Raina at MIGROS, Leukerbad

Apart from this , Leukerbad also has a Gym where people can come for Fitness. Gym is situated with Mountain hikings, Lawn Tennis, Basket Ball and so on games.Priyanka Raina

So Catch you next week  with more exciting stuff from Priyanka Raina, Till then Keep cheering for Priyanka on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates !!

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