PULI (2015) Review | [Puli ki Anmol Kahani]

Directed By : ChimbuDevan
Cast : Sridevi Kapoor, Vijay, Shruti Hasan, Hansika, Sudeep
Music By : Devi Sri Prasad
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Films based on mythological have to be justified with their characterisation and Costumes with all the jewellery around. In Recent Time, Bahubali had created History with the Biggest collections so far, which depicted story of Reincarnation. Now lets see how PULI fares which is also a comeback of Veteran Actress Sridevi and Introduces a New Star of Veteran Actor Rajnikaanth.

PULI in short is a Love Story of Magdheeran(Vijay) whose Love Interest Pawanmilla (Shruti Hasan)is Kidnapped by Betaals when they destroy his village. Journey of Puli on how he gets his Love is Rest of the Story.

Unlike our Childhood Games, How Prince crosses stages and Fights Dragon to get his Princess in End which was declared as Winning stage. Film Puli can be defined as a beautiful art which will recall your childhood memories of 90s, if you have played Video Game.

Talking about BETAALS, Jaltarang was actually destroying public and keeping Rani (Sridevi) in dark & misusing the powers. Sridevi portrays the Role of a Evil Queen who rules over 56 Villages & has a Lovely Daughter Princess Illavarsi(Hansika) whom she plans to get married to Maghdeeran. What happens Next, you have watch the film.

Graphics in the Film is thrilling which will also shock you, Mountains coming closer and some lovely graphics of Dwarfs(Created by Chroma) and Frog.

Music Of the Film is Rocking like Typically South Indian Style which will bring you to dance floors. Also, It maintains a Balance chart during film.

Costumes in Puli are Sensational, Especially Lehenga designed for Sridevi. Sridevi’s Queen look was graceful, and you are unlikely to fall in Love with Chandini girl once again.

Watch or Not:For Those who are lovers of Mythological Era, Believe me PULI is for you. and South Indians will Love the movie.

Rating :Two Stars to the Film- One Star goes to the Lovely Graphics, Creation & Analysis of Characters, And One Star goes to characters- Sridevi, Vijay, Shruti and all characters. Also film is Bit Lengthier, which may affect Hindi audience but will keep them engrossing throughout.

Rating : ★★ Stars to the film

Watch PULI Trailer Here

PULI Releases in Cinemas on 2nd Oct 2015 !

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