Once upon a Time in Bihar (2015) Review | Typical Bihari

Directed by :     Nitin chandra
Music By :     Ashutosh Singh
Cast :     Aasish Vidyarthi, Arti Puri, Kranti, Prakash Jha, Ajay kumar, Deepak singh
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Once Upon Time in Bihar PosterONCE UPON A TIME IN BIHAR has an okayish story and an okayish execution. The film kind of justifies crime which is totally uncool. If that wasn’t enough, it also becomes preachy at times. It’s not completely unwatchable but it fails to leave any sort of impact.
Story: Rajiv Kumar (Kranti Prakash Jha) is an IAS aspirant who’s currently teaching in his Bihar village to make ends meet. He also wants to get his ‘manglik’ sister married. Seema (Arti Purni) is his girlfriend and support system. He meets Shankar Pandey (Deepak Singh) who has the right qualifications but is asked to pay a hefty bribe to get a government job. After all attempts fail and desperation creeps in, Rajiv and Shankar, along with aide Javed (Ajay Kumar) decide to turn ”idealist” kidnapers. They won’t kidnap children, women or aged people. Things take an ugly turn from here.

The film takes a lot of time to reach to the central point of them turning criminals. Probably director Nitin Chandra was trying to establish the characters and their struggles. In the second half, it improves tremendously in terms of its pacing but leaves you nonchalant overall. You don’t feel for any of the characters. The mini twist in the second half is deftly done.

Acting :The performances are pretty decent. Kranti Prakash Jha is first rate. Deepak Singh is natural. Arti Puri acts well. Ashish Vidyarthi doesn’t have much scope.

Last Word : ONCE UPON A TIME IN BIHAR justifies Crime which is totally uncool. In Short , movie can be watchable by few single screens, even there own state would not watch film.

Rating: ★★

Watch ONCE UPON A BIHAR Trailer 

The Movie Releases in Cinemas on 30th Oct 2015

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