IFTDA | Director’s Meet with Comedy King David Dhawan !

Its all set at Iscon , where Indian Films and Television Director’s Association is setting a Another stage for Young Aspiring Film makers, by inviting legendaries to IFTDA Master-class so that they can Share their Experience.

Well This  Time, Its Comedy King DAVID DHAWAN who shares his versatile Experience how he got into Film making , Also his journey to Mayanagri Mumbai.

David Dhawan & Rumi Jafferey at IFTDA Masterclass

Also Adding that Salman Khan is the most difficult ones to handle as he is quite Moody, so you should know you actors well .

Did You know, David Dhawan joined FTII as an Actor & Rakesh Bedi, Prakash Jha , Sanjay Leela Bansali are his batch-mates. When there were so many Actors, David Sir got confused and thought can not do acting & told, want to change my course and Chosed “EDITING”.

David Dhawan then actually Edited for 50 Films, after He turned into his Debut Direction. Also revealed that David Dhawan was also Editing for Rajesh Khanna Movies that he was getting through.

Ashoke Pandit, Thakur talasvi , David Dhawan & Rumi Jafferey

“Getting up Early is a Good thing as you can do lots creative things & after 10 only gossips happen, So I always make a point to get up early”- David Dhawan says at IFTDA Master-class. Adding to it He says, When we catch a flight How we on time & same way why we cant get up early.

EC Members – Ballee Grover, Thakur Tapasvi, Kuku Kohli, with DAVID DHAWAN & Rumi Jaffrey

Also Revealed about Varun, that he had actually gone to UK to do his MBA and after that he would settled at Bank. He cam back and auditioned with Karan and when joined him , I have no clue. Only when I saw, He is doing a movie with karan – I cam to know that he want to do acting.

David Dhawan , Ashoke Pandit & Gautam Bhatia

David Dhawan tells , I have never narrated any script to any of my actors. Just tell them two lines, and Rest leave it to God. In Comedy films, script has to be very tight and your every frame has to look good and that was more important for me, So I need good Actors.

David Dhawan & Priyanka Raina

Also to add more to his Grand journey tells , That I also did not narrate scritpe to Amitabh Bachchan who listens to whole script before saying yes.

Told him Just two lines for Bade Miyan Chote Miyan – “There are Two Amitabh’s and Two Govinda. One Pair is Chor & Other Pair is Police”

That’s My Story , and my Gist of my story and Rest is all performance. and Belive me got approval from Big B saying, ” I have never heard such a narrtion in my whole career” (Laughs)  

Also Reveals that Comedy movies are most Difficult ones to make and Trend today has changed. You can’t fool today with audience as today there are more realistic.

Well , That was sweet side of Comedy King DAVID DHAWAN giving inspiration to Young aspiring Film-makers. Also giving lessons to SFI Students

David Dhawan , Jitten Purohit with SFI Stodents ( TP Agarwal Group)

Also watch Classics of Comedy King Director David Dhawan, Do tell ur you favourite Movie ?

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