Jackie Shroff 59th Birthday celebrations at films Division !

Jackie Shroff , who is the HERO of Bollywood – recently acted in MAKHMAL short film , which is beautiful sensational short film !

Jackie Shroff Celebrates 59th Birthday at MIFF 2016
 Jackie Shroff , who is Brand Ambassador of MIFF (Short Film Festival) at Films Division celebrated 59th Birthday with Media at Film Division. In Pix, Editor Jyothi Venkatesh, Shahen Raaj , Short filmmaker| Film critic Priyanka Raina and whole media celeberated a Big Birthday Bash for BIDU Jackie Dada !
Editor Jyothi Venktesh, Short Filmmaker | Critic Priyanka Raina celeberate Birthday with Jackie Shroff
Also owner of “Pyar Karne wale kabhi darte nahi“song is Born in Most Romantic month of the Year , Yes Valentine Month February
Jackie Shroff, Mukesh Sharma and Nitin Sapre
Priyanka Raina with MEDIA Gang
Happy Birthday Jackie Shroff !

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