Jio MAMI Grand Opening Star-Studded Ceremony at Opera House !

18th JIO MAMI was Mega star event of Mumbai Film festival (MAMI) as held at Opera House with all the Bollywood Biggies.
18th Jio MAMI at Royan Opera House
The Event was honored by  MAHARAJA , MAHARANI, Yuvraj Singh Maharaj of Gondal to cherish the Moments at Jio Mami.
Yuvraj Singh Maharaj and Marani of GONDAL with Priyanka Raina
 Hence Forth Event was Graced by Neeta Ambani, Amitabh Bachchan , Jaya Bachchan to honour Youth at JIO MAMI Festival
And 18th grand Jio Mami festival was atteded by  Jackie Shroff, Riteish and Genela Deshmukh, Imran Khan, Aamir Khan, Ramesh Taurani, Shyam Benegal, Short Filmmaker Priyanka Raina, Richa Chaddha. Anurag Kashyap, Abhay Deol,Jackqueline Fernades, Kalki, and many others glitering on Red Carpet.
Jackie Shroff Sharing Candid Moments
Presenting you DANGAL Heroines at Jio MAMI
Honored Moment, Shyam Benegal and AAMIR KHAN
Gogeous Poonam Dhillon and Dia Mirza (Behind)
Ritesh and Genela Deshmukh
Jackie Shroff and Amitabh Bachchan
Ashutush Govarikar and Aamir Khan sharing Candid Moments
Bidu taking Selfie
Imran Khan . Ritesh and Genela Deshmukh
Jacqueline Fernades Hosting MAMI Event

MAMI opening ceremony was honored by CHAMKU WASHING POWDER shown in famous Farookh Shaikh movie.

Jaya Bachchan , Sai Paranjpe

Also MAMI was honoured by live performance by Shanker Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan LIVE Performance at Jio Mami

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Dharmendra , Gulshan Grover, Poonam Dhillon, Madhu Unveil SAVVY HONOURS – Celebrating Success !

! Dharmendra , Gulshan Grover, Poonam Dhillon, Madhu, JackieShroff Unveil                                  SAVVY Honors , Celebrating Success !!

The SAVVY HONOURS – Celebrating Success enlighten with Megastars Dharmendra , Madhu (Roza Fame) , Poonam Dhillon, Kanika, Jacky Shroff,Deepshika Nagpal, Gulshan Grover, Phahalad Kakkad, Pooja Batra , Ramesh Sippy, Kiran Juneja, Priyanka Raina, Jyothi Venkatesh , Tanmay Bharadwaj and Many others At TAJ on 24th july 2016

Priyanka , pooja and Gulshan ji
Gulshan Grover ,.Pooja Batra & Priyanka Raina at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra , Poonam Dhillon & Gulshan Grover at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra, Gulsahn Grover, with Tanmay Bharadwaj at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra Unveils SAVVY HONOURS
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Meet National & International JURY Members at MIFF 2016 | Documentaries Section

Prize at MIFF has its own special value- National Jury Member Reveals

Jury Member (National) Mr. Biju Dhanpalan, Ms Uma Da Cunha, Mr Andrews Stonys

At the Mumbai International Film Festival, competition films are divided into two main categories, national and international. A five-member jury viewed the 27 films in the national category, and, after completing their task, three Jury members  met the press at the Media Centre, on 02 February, Audrius Stonys, Lithuania-born academician, who lectures on cinema in many cities, including Doc Edge Kolkata; Indian programmer, journalist, researcher and casting director Uma D’Cunha and Biju Dhanapalan, an engineer-turned-visual effects specialist who worked on over 100 feature films in India before re-locating to Singapore, where he currently teaches animation. Also present was Mr. V. Packirisamy of the Films Division, the national jury co-ordinator, who provided some facts and figures.

“A mix of brilliant and bad,” is how Dhanpalan described the films seen by the jury. Stonys pointed out that even if there were two outstanding films at a festival, it should be considered a very good festival. “At MIFF, we saw at least four great films, and another 10-12 high-grade efforts. Indian documentaries have always been by and large good, but till a few years ago, the cinematic language they used was very Indian. Now, these films have crossed that hurdle and their style can find place in any international film festival. By way of suggestion, I feel that investigative and political films should have a category assigned to them, since, otherwise, they are compared with films of quite a different genre.”

Priyanka Raina with MEDIA on Jury Meet Discussion | Documentaries Section

Uma Da Cunha complimented the Films Division for spending two years putting MIFF together. However, she added, “It should be made an annual event and should be organised on a bigger scale. Replying to a question about how MIFF compares with other film festivals, like Cannes or Venice, she commented, “It is unfair to compare it to Cannes or Venice. So many factors should be considered before evaluating a festival—how old is the festival, city-funding and other sources of financing, prizes and prize-money, etc. But let me assure you that a prize at MIFF has its own special value.” Dhanapalan was of the view that it is the talent that defines a film-city. “Hollywood just happened because people of various nationalities were attracted to the place to work in the film industry. Peter Jackson did the same for New Zealand. If we can attract excellent talent, there is no reason why India cannot surpass Hollywood.”

Asked how our documentaries were faring internationally, and is co-production a growing trend, Da Cunha revealed, “Indian documentaries have won so many awards internationally. By comparison, features have worn hardly anything in recent years. And yes, co-productions are a great was to get funds and reach bigger markets.”

On a question about budgets, Stonys said, “Budgets are not an issue in India. Yes, some self-funded documentaries are below par and cannot be marketed as a result. But generally, Indian documentaries, like MIFF itself, have a very good reputation in the world. All that is needed to make even better films is quality education, and a much larger number of regular film workshops.”

Here Comes Jury Member International

Ms Gitanjali Rao, Mr Jesper Anderson

Jury member (International) Ms. Gitanjali Rao and Mr. Jesper Anderson interacted with the media at MIFF Media Centre on February 02, 2016.

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Writer BHEEMSEN’s Book ANIMATON launches on Jackie Shroff Birthday at MIFF!

Writer Bheemshen ‘s Book “Animation” was launched on JACKIE SHROFF Birthday at Film’s Division on Feb 1,2016.

Jackie Shroff, Bheemsen, Politician , Kireet Khurana, At ANIMATION Book launch at MIFF!

Book ANIMATION will tell you all Codes basically to conduct a Model. Basically its like Masterclass, which will benifit the Students in making Animation Models.

Mukesh Sharma (Doordarshan Director), Jackie Shroff and Bheemsen

BHEEMSEN is the father of KIREET KHURANA (Director of Tonpur ka SuperHero) featuring Ajay Devgn , Kajol. Kireet also shares his expeience of shooting with Devgns.

Priyanka Raina , BHEEMSEN and Painter at Film Festvals.

Watch Live BOOK Launch on ANIMATION here, Also Listen from Jackie Shroff

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Jackie Shroff 59th Birthday celebrations at films Division !

Jackie Shroff , who is the HERO of Bollywood – recently acted in MAKHMAL short film , which is beautiful sensational short film !

Jackie Shroff Celebrates 59th Birthday at MIFF 2016
 Jackie Shroff , who is Brand Ambassador of MIFF (Short Film Festival) at Films Division celebrated 59th Birthday with Media at Film Division. In Pix, Editor Jyothi Venkatesh, Shahen Raaj , Short filmmaker| Film critic Priyanka Raina and whole media celeberated a Big Birthday Bash for BIDU Jackie Dada !
Editor Jyothi Venktesh, Short Filmmaker | Critic Priyanka Raina celeberate Birthday with Jackie Shroff
Also owner of “Pyar Karne wale kabhi darte nahi“song is Born in Most Romantic month of the Year , Yes Valentine Month February
Jackie Shroff, Mukesh Sharma and Nitin Sapre
Priyanka Raina with MEDIA Gang
Happy Birthday Jackie Shroff !

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Showman of Bollywood, Subhash Ghai celebrates 71st Birthday with Annual Alumini meet at Whistling Woods !

Subhash Ghai also clears about fees those who say are very high, “My Fees are mot High because Foreign delegates study here and they told me Here Education is First degree & apart Fees are One-Third of NYK Academy”
Subhash Ghai, Rajkumar Barjatya and ABBAS MASTAN
Subhash Ghai, Rajkumar Barjatya and ABBAS MASTAN
He Further Adds, “I have put my Seven years in Construction my Dream where I can give Knowledge to young Talent. I wanted to make Biggest Academy where I can give my Knowledge that I have learnt. As Education is Important so we have well qualified teacher who Teach our Students at Whistling Woods International. ” Also , There are Projects where they have to make Documentaries , Short Films etc and show their Presentation. Not only where there are with us, even when they will & they require anything like EDITING< Camera – we are in Full support to Help.
Subhash Ghai, Colors CEO and Gulshan Grover
Subhash Ghai, CEO of Colors and Gulshan Grover
Adnan Sami Rocked Stage with his Paino playing the Tunes of Karz “Ek Hasina Thi” , while Punjabi Singer Sukhwinder Singh Rocked with his RAMTA JOGI Performance.
Also adding , CEO of Rajshri Productions RajKumar Barjatya, CEO of Colors Raj Naik, CEO Of ZEE Subash, Veteran Directors ABBAS MASTAN , Bad Man Gulshan Grover , Jackie Shroff, Meghna Ghai Puri, Short Filmmaker Priyanka Raina and many More showed their presence in Honor of SUBHASH GHAI 71st Birthday Celebrations.
Subhash Ghai
Subhash Ghai addressing to Whistling Woods 
Also apart Students from all the NINE pass out Batches from Whistling Woods International attended the Legendary Subhash Ghai ‘s 71st Birthday.
Also Subhash Ghai Added, ” We care for our Students and even when they leave us, We are in full touch that what they are doing & which Production.” 
“Subhash Ghai Sir also viewed screening of my Short Film ZINDAGI and Gave me further tips on it. Sir also appreciated the making stills” , Priyanka Raina Adds.
Zindagi is Written by Kapil Sharma (Younger Brother of Anil Sharma) and Costars Miss India | Actress SAHILA CHADDHA, Yuvraaj Parashar, Preety Malik.
Watch SUBHASH GHAI 71st Birthday Video Here

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