Censorship should be judged just on certificate and not decide whether to release or not !

Censorship should be judged just on certificate and not decide whether to release or not !

Priyanka Raina on Censorship at FICCI FRAMES 2017
All films should be atleast given a release , and just tell audience that it’s under which category U Certified or A Certified or ……
All Films may be  of various categories and so are filmmakers , so there content should be aired to public, so can make  choice.
There are books  which contain so much of vulgarity , why that is not censored  .
Audience is of multiple variations , like some like family movies ,some may watch only Romcom, some may like only Adults romance….. Censorship should give choice to Viewership by just giving which ever certificate.
Also , Two of my short films Cold drinks is Injurious to Health & Clean and Green India are Censored and given U certificate.
Also , now CENSOR publicity , makers are using it as Clean publicity stunt in hinting the TAG line ” 1000 Cuts by Board”
A film is made by hard ship and every film should be justified by its release. This is complete report by Short film maker Priyanka Raina on Censorship . Give a Certificate being A or U , and let Audience decide they come in which category
Watch Censored Cold Drinks is injurious to Health


Watch Censored Clean and Green India

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