Catch Priyanka Raina Live With Jeeturaj , On Radio Mirchi On Short Films!

Catch Priyanka Raina Live With Jeeturaj , On Radio Mirchi On Short Films!

_DSC4021 (Large)
Priyanka Raina goes Live at Radio Mirchi , with Jeeturaaj

RadioMirchi comes Live with Youth as Respect to Independence Day , Everyone has to create its own Independence considering any profile. Coming to Priyanka Raina who had Directed up to 15 Short films , Speaks Exclusively to RJ Jeeturaaj on Radio Mirchi 98.3 Fm.

Coming to New comers who want to Enter Bollywood , Priyanka Raina tells “That if you have a good story , Its simple you can shoot on mobile Short Film and have Biggest platform ever and that’s YOUTUBE” . Also “Instead of wasting time in auditions, Just shoot a film and make it viral and set your own platform. Let world come to you”, Priyanka Raina continues.
When Jeeturaaj asked Priyanka , “Which camera you shot Love Lust Locha?” . On this Priyanka Raina replied , “(Laughs) Well, Love Lust Locha is shot on proper camera Mark 3 , with full technicians as I had Producers for it. But Yes when I started off with my very first short film Clean and Green India , that was shot on handicam and it went to win Best short film at Pocket films”
Also in Frame , a Youngest Photographer Alfaz Gurubhai who recently won into genius Book of records in photography will be too doing Cinematography in Priyanka Raina’s next Short films series.
_DSC4106 (Large)
Priyanka Raina at RADIOMIRCHI with Jeeturaaj
Now a days , YOUTUBE is the biggest platform given by God to us and make complete profit of it. Utilize it by creating your own channels and Be you Own Boss

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