Raavan | A well scripted powerful play by Puneet Issar

By : Priyanka Raina

We all have seen the Epic Ramayana , Isn’t it ? And we are fond of all characters of that era . Like we all know , Ramayana is a story of Lord Rama but also would be incomplete without the contribution of RAAVAN to it.

Exactly a play Written and Directed by Atul Satya Kashik featuring Puneet Issar as Raavan shows the Raavan side  , that Raavan inspite was intelligent , Stronger and how he could get a defeat easily . Defeat of Ravana was impossible if VIBASHAN would not have told the secret.


Also here , Other side of RAAVAN that he respected Women a lot. Only when they insulted his Sister , Raavan went and did Sita Haran. Rest we all know is history.

Secondly which I think we have seen dialogue in Ajay Devgn staarer RAID “Vibhashan kaun hai” , when they put a raid on hidden assets which wouldn’t be possible without information from a inner source.

So there are so many stories which are used as example in movies. Like LORD RAMA wouldn’t have won without the help of Vibhasana . 

Climax (Scene) from RAAVAN play

“RAAVAN” play leaves you with so many messages when you come out oh theater on a positive note, leave arrogance and so on.

To Watch this Beautiful Play “RAAVAN” , you can check it out on Book my Show that when is the next play

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