VIP 2 : LALKAAR (Review) | Create your own platform & be VIP in urselves


Directed By: Soundarya Rajnikanth
Cast : Dhanush , Kajol, Amala Paul
Music director: Sean Roldan, Anirudh Ravichander

Dhanush & Priyanka at VIP

Talking about Rajnikant movies who is considered Angels in South film Industry. I remember watching KABAALI in Arora Talkies , was unable to understand language but could see whistling all over on Rajnikanth ‘s Entry. Truly enjoyed the moment. Now coming to his Son Dhanush who also came in news of his Music Video “Kolavari Di” that went viral on You Tube. And Now came up with his film as VIP 2.

VIP 2 is a story of a common man Raghuvaran (Dhanush) who is an engineering graduate and is rejected in job interviews, so he sets up his own Facebook page named VIP with over 1000 Engineering students and makes project on Slum Dog buildings. Raghuvaran bags an Award for Best Engineer, and then Vasundhara (KAJOL) of No 1 Multi national company offers him job.

Raghuvaran tells that he has been rejected in her company and people who trusted him “Anita Constructions” cannot leave them. On this Vasundhara gets irritated that “How dare he said no to No 1 company” . And what happens next is rest of story.

Well there are thundering Dialogues   like “Agar koi aapke Peeche haath do kar pada hai , Understand you have achieved something and they are jealous” . Also VIP will give a message that no matter what you achieve , never keep attitude.

Liked the Climax part , when everyone stucked in Floods and Kajol tells “Oh my God my Mercides not working and all costly phones No network” , and then realizes that to make a call only one landline is enough.

Well , VIP 2 songs will give a thundering effect and lovely Action sequences that will hear whistling sounds all over theaters.

Review : Reason  am giving Four stars coz loved acting of KAJOL and DHANUSH , and secondly for the lovely message that “Don’s be dependent on anyone , Create your own platform via social networking and be a VIP in you” – And then world will run after you.

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ Stars

Dhanush , Soundarya and Priyanka at VIP 2

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