Here s Fitness Mantra , Be Fit | Eat Healthy – The Healthy Factory at NEELOFAR

As a Film Critic and Film Director , its oblivious that we have to attend countless Parties , meet wonderful people day by Day. So its important on what you consume. Sweets are essential for body but we dont intake much because afraid of putting on weight.  So here’s the solution comes to an end , Log on to and order less Calorie free products which have HIGH PROTEINS and LESS FATS

Priyanka Raina at Lightbox

It was at a event of Short Film NEELOFAR featuring Satish Kaushik, Harshwardhan rane where Priyanka Raina was too invited to taste few products .

It had Peanuts with Honey , Mustard and Brown Bread with High proteins.

Also we tasted few cookies which ere sweet but sugar free so as an Actor , Director – We need not worry on our weight issues.

“As a Film Director , as have directed Short Films LOVE LUST LOCHA , ZINDAGI , Cold Drinks is injurious to health, Main Heroine Banna Chahti hoon, Wrong Number, DUM , Clean and Green India and many more. So Its my first respect towards Short Films and will always promote Short films as its a Great inspiration to youth”, Priyanka Raina adds

Neelofer is wonderfull Short film shot on one location featuring Satish Kashik , which is there on SONY LIV you tube .

“This is newly introduced RED BULL , which is sugar free” – Priyanka Raina

Priyanka further continues , that I always tell my actors that not to Diet as will take off glow, and have food which is High is proteins. so now Log on to .


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