In Short JUDWAA 2 is just Opposite of JUDWAA with same story ! …. (Chk it out)

In Short JUDWAA 2 is just Opposite of JUDWAA with same story !

Varun Dhawan, Priyanka 

The story JUDWAA which I mean will be favorites of our childhood times and no wonder we have seen it over 100 times, that we remember almost every scene of it. In Short JUDWAA 2 is just Opposite of JUDWAA with same story and only one Character in common and that is Anupam Kher

In Original  JUDWAA ,we have seen firstly that RAJA PREM ‘s Dad is a police inspector and the  villian who takes Raja dies. But in Second one , Villian goes to jail for 22 years and Mama and Tiger outside Jail. Prem’s Mom not in coma , can talk and Dad is businessman.

Secondly , In Original Raja s entry was first and then was Prem. Here in JUDWAA 2, its vice versa – First Prem ‘s entry and when Prem pleads infront of Jesus that to send someone to protect him and RAJA enters.

Salman Khan, Priyanka Raina

Thirdly , In first JUDWAA Tiger insults RAJA’s sister and then he beats him. But in JUDWAA 2 Tiger beats NANDU and accordingly Raja hits Tiger by cocunut. By which he gets scared and Raja with Nandu runs to London by making fake passport. And on the other hand, tiger had Memory loss- means Memory card gone of which RAJA was unaware.

Also KISS sequence in JUDWAA original was done by Raja first which was followed by Prem vice versa. Here in JUDWAA 2 , its vice versa

Only common between two JUDWAAs is Anupam Kher

Fighting sequences of the climax in orginal Judwaa was Tiger beating Prem  and Raja saves Prem by beating Nandu. But here in JUDWAA 2, its Tiger Beating Prem and Raja saves Prem by beating Tiger’s MAMA. Also in last Original JUDWAA (Salman Khan) meets JUDWAA 2 (Varun Dhawan) that is most sweet part of film

TAN TANA TARA sequence in JUDWAA 2 is where Prem invites RAJA to make wild entry and rock stage as prem is scared to go to stage, and in return PREM goes to jail.

OONCHI HAI BUILDING and EK VAARI songs has almost the same sequence with few changes in it. In short JUDWAA 2 is fun loving comedy film and watchable as a complete entertainer.

Here r Director’s David Dhawan , Priyanka Raina

JUDWAA 2 in cinemaas now 



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