Six Sigma Films selects LOVE LUST LOCHA one of the Best Short Films

Six Sigma Films selects LOVE LUST LOCHA one of the Best Short Films


It was phonomenal when on 28th Sept 2017 that is on Ranbir Kapoor ‘s Birthday , Director Priyanka Raina got a call from SIX SIGMA FILMS that “We have shortlisted your short film and it is on our channel now. and You win the contest on Number of Views” .

On this Priyanka Raina was thrilled and couldn’t control her Excitement and says,”Thanks and this is the second time that on Ranbir Kapoor’s Birthday got such a exciting news. First was my First Short Film Clean and Green India for which CENSOR was tensed for week and on 28th Sept 2011 got call from Censor Board in the same way- Congrats your film is censored with U Certificate”
Well that’s sweet coincidence isn’t it? Even Ranbir Kapoor was surprised on hearing and told “Sweet Coincidence:
 LOVE LUST LOCHA is a 14 min Short Film Directed by Priyanka Raina & Produced by Tanmay Bharadwaj . The film  costars Sabir Shaikh, Nandinu Srivastava , Ankita in pivotal roles and is available on SIX SIGMA FILMS
Click to Watch LOVE LUST LOCHA

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