Marathi Film CHUMBAK Captures it all at JIO MAMI 2017 !

Swanand Kirkire, Priyanka Raina

“From the recent years , always am invited in MAMI opening ceremony after party , But this time I decided something diifferent that will not go to parties and watch movies like Secret Superstar and grab some knowledge & and here is the First movie in Marathi CHUMBAK , I experienced an warm gesture and absolutely heart warming charater portrayed by Swanand Kirkire”, Priyanka Raina says.

Swanand Kirkire who was known as a Lyrics writer , Now debuts in Heart warming character of Mentally Disabled man in CHUMBAK.

CHUMBAK is a story of two Boys BALA & DISCO who ties to earn money by doing fake lottery business , and as a result they LOOTED a Mentally Disabled man. Then BALA s inside man gets alive and what happens next is rest of story ?

– Will Bala return his money?

Will Bala help him get his home?

Well find out more by Questionaire from Jyoti Venkatesh , Priyanka Raina exclusively to Swanand Kirkire

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