Ranbir Kapoor to learn gymnastics and horse-riding for ‘Dragon’

Director Ayan Mukerji said his good friend and frequent collaborator Ranbir Kapoor will undergo training in horse-riding and gymnastics for their next venture, Dragon. The Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani director added his upcoming project will be physically taxing for Ranbir.


In a interview with PTI, Ayan said, “There is lot of action in Dragon, so there is lot of training, like gymnastics kind of training, horse-riding, fighting and lot of physical stuff that Ranbir will have to do. And then there is internal work, like to get the spirit of the character right.

“Ranbir has to observe the flavour of the film and communicate it with the audience. We are trying to imagine things, this (fantasy) world, and work accordingly.”


“I had learnt horse Riding in this beautiful farm situated in Karjat of about 12 acres in land known as ATTRA FARMS. They have horse Riding, Riffle Shooting, Swimming pool, Trekking, everything that would make it a perfect holiday” Priyanka Raina says

The team will start shooting early next year and the makers are planning to release the film in 2019.


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