Adtiya Thackeray Launches his New Team VEER MARATHAZ

Aditya Thackeray , Priyanka raina at Veer Marathas

And Here’s 2018 starts with VEER MARATHAS

The New Kabbaddi Team formed by none other then Aditya Thackeray named “Veer Marathas” along with Priyanka Raina was launched on 4th Jan 2018 in prence of entire team. The Team also incudes original DANGAL girls Ritu Phogat and Geeta Phogat with opner of team Ranjit Thakur.
Also Aditya Thackeray reveals to Priyanka Raina, ” I am a huge cricket fan and guess there are lots of ipl team owners. but when comes to forming a team, always wanted to do some thing attached to roots. and KABBADDI is India ;s first official game that needs no expense. “
The original Dangal girls Ritu Phogat and Geeta Phogat gave a smartest answer that We will show in rings hopefully by winning goals. Veer Marathas first match starts on 9th Jan in Dilli
Aditya Thackeray , Priyanka Rainaat VEER Maratha launch
Aditya Thackeray , Priyanka Raina, PRO Satish Agarwal at VEER Maratha launch
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