Maharashtra Tourism Minister Jai Kumar Rawal launches new Cruise MUMBAI MAIDEN at BKC !

Maharashtra Tourism Minister Jai Kumar Rawal launches new Cruise MUMBAI MAIDEN at BKC !


What is Tourism ?

“India have all the four seasons – Summers, Winters, Snow , Rains and Autumn ….

“India has Deserts , Hills , Mountain , Hill stations , Old Momuments Known as MAHAL, Different culture , Folk dance like Bhangra ,Dandiya , and lots more ….”

Further Jai Kumar Rawal  continues , every place from food court to parks to Mall , everything is tourism. Why go out of country when we have the lovely place as ever.

Coming up the prime destination newly launched cruise MUMBAI MAIDEN which has cool Restaurant, Disco area , Deck , Rooms to live in and lots more for a tourist to enjoy the sea view.

“And above this , Maharashtra has all this in all, Mumbai is known as one of the international city and let’s make it one of the paradise in world ” Says Jay Kumar Rawal, The tourism Minister of Maharashtra. 

On way to Mumbai Maiden Cruise though Boat Ride. 

Mumbai Maiden is the first cruise in BKC that is here to take you places like Mumbai to Goa, Mumbai to Singapore and lots of places which can travelled by Sea route. Also Mumbai Maiden is open for Destination weddings , Shootings , Tourist , Events , Birthday Parties . Coming up, Priyanka Raina will reveal her travel journey right from boat ride to Cruise line enjoying at Deck.

Wear your life Jackets as you enter Sea route  , Safety first 

Mumbai Maiden reception area 





Last but not least , Directors are captain of ship and here is the Captain!

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