Bhimsain Animation Retrospective screening at MIFF 2018; Films division held by Tonpur Ka Superhero Director Kireet Khuraana.

Kireet Khuraana says ,”I had been grown up with the production of Animation films which my Dad (Bhimsain Khuraana) used to make when there were no computers .They have made panchtantra tales on paper board.”

unnamed (1)
Bhimsain Khuraana and Amol Gupte

So later when grew up , decide to do a full fledge coarse in animation . Tonpur came much prior , I had made more then 100 AD short films in animation.

Bhimsain Khuraana made classics of panchtantra tales with messages such as plant trees , Unity is strength , Small family is happy Family and much more.

Director on Action

Also Priyanka Raina has done a course in animation and the reason which brought her interest in Animation .She made small short films in Animation like AZAAD BHARAT while persuading course .

Making consistent short films in Animation , Live films and having interviewed almost all Bollywood film fraternity on their Retro scales , feature films – Here’s Priyanka shares her perspective on short films.

Short films are important aspect as tells where you stAnd , instead of wasting time in auditions where days become years that you never come to know .

I would say to all aspiring actors who come from out of Mumbai that now you can stay at your home and make short films .

And this is 21St century , not 60s where film festivals are there in your own cities. Shoot a ten min short film and walk into film festivals with your own pride.

And now guess Short film section has even been enrolled in Filmfare awards as Best Short film for Jio shorts goes to ….

So guys wHat’s the wait for , shoot in your film .

For more details, you can watch Priyanka Raina s short Film Clean and green India , Dum ,Love lust locha and many more on you tube  .  Don’t forget to Write below in Comments section  , your name –  and For More Updates , Don’t Forget to Subscribe to Omniscent Entertainment




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