102 Not Out (Review)|Rishi Kapoor| Amitabh Bachchan

102 Not Out (Poster)

Directed By : Umesh Shukla
Cast : Rishi Kapoor , Amitabh Bachchan, Jimit Trivedi
Produced By: Sony Pictures
Review By: Priyanka Raina

Firstly Let me clarify that when films like Avtaar , Bhagbaan or Swarg or many more in past on Father Son relationship have come, Its a Bit emotional. Either its shows Son Tortures his parents on getting his wife and In the End Son learns a lesson. But 102 Not out teaches lesson , But in a Positive way. Let’s see how 102 NOT OUT fares.

102 Not Out is a Story of 102 year old Father (Amitabh Bachchan) who get to know that he is suffering from Brain Tumor. So He thought that he will bring his Son Babubhai (Rishi Kapoor) back to life who was little depressed on his son Amol  and so was looking more then his age.

Amol who was avoiding calls and was only interested when told about the property , so He flew from America to Mumbai to torture Babubhai. Amitabh put this query through five challenges to Babubhai and How Babubhai faces the deal is rest of story.

Mostly in films like Bhagbaan , its shown that sons torture their parents But in 102 Not out – Its Son (Rishi Kapoor) who respects his father and as advice from him says Get out to his son when he sees he Came alone at Airport and just a small bag (Just for property).

Character Performances : Rishi Kapoor, No doubt seals the show completely  with his extravaganza performace. Amitabh Bachchan is just ok with overdose of acting. Jimit Trivedi is good with his Guju style.

Direction : After such a brilliant film OMG , Direction by Umesh Shukla is versatile. Screenplay is tight and every scene has connectivity. Emotions are well attached with few Comedy timings.

Review (The Last Word) : The Movie is Watchable at least for  Rishi Kapoor and a Brilliat message through. We Give Three and half Stars to film

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102 Not Out Releases in Cinemas on 3rd May 2018

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One thought on “102 Not Out (Review)|Rishi Kapoor| Amitabh Bachchan

  1. Don’t agree …. Amitabh was just awesome , I am watching parts of this movie every other day at Prime and the only reason is Amitabh’s excellent acting and expressions. There are lot of moment where Amitabh emoted like no one else can .. he was pure Gold.


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