Ranbir Kapoor ‘S SANJU Trends at NO 1 with Quarter Century | 25 Million Ranbirians

Ranbir Kapoor ‘S SANJU Trends at NO 1 with Quarter Century | 25 Million Ranbirians

Ever since SANJU had be announced , That a movie on Sanjay Dutt Life story to be Directed by Rajkumar Hirani with one and only RANBIR KAPOOR as refered by Rockstar Director Imitiaz Ali – There had been always a Buzz around that “How Ranbir will look, How Ranbor will sing Mera Dil to kitna paagal hai and all”

Here the Poster has been out with Six cuts of Ranbir Kapoor which indicates Six important phases of Sanjay Dutt Life story.


The Poster sounds emphasizing, isn’t it?  One from ROCKY era to DRUG phase to COMEBACK to JAIL and to MUNNABHAI which changed the DUTT avtar to a golden Man.

And Guesses when we saw the trailer , Ranbir Kapoor has nailed it. He has acted so super, that its difficult to tell that “Who is Sanjay Dutt”

And Sanjay Dutt posted on social sites a message to Rajkumar Hirani that Dont cast Ranbir in next Munnabhai series , identify properly. Wow this is great compliment to RANBIR KAPOOR from a Mam who has given great Hits.

Ranbir Kapoor Hits Quarter Century with 25 MILLION Ranbirians iin just 16 hours guess. Wow , isnt this a great start , and SANJU is going to cross 1000 CR .

Dear Internet, RANBIR KAPOOR has come to break all records with SANJU and os trending currently at No 1 . The Real ROCKSTAR . 

Guess a INSTAGRAM FAN Contest with Ranbir Kapoor coming up.




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