MULK | Rishi Kapoor |Anubhav Sinha |3rd August

MULK featuring Rishi Kapoor , Rajat Kapoor Ashitosh Rana , Tapsee Pannu is Directed by the most creative Director Anubhav Sinha. Mulk is produced by SOHAM ROCKSTAR ENTERTAINMENT.

MULK is a story of Murad Ali Mohammed (Rishi Kapoor) who just faces a situation in war, and being a Muslim  He is been accused of being a Terrorist. He fights  to be in his Mulk , and his incredibly journey in Court through lawyers (Ashitosh Rana) and (Tapsee Pannu).


Rishi Kapoor reveals, That MULK is the the quickest film that I had been shooting. Dialogues and scenic by Anubhav Sinha were so accurate and spontaneous, That for an actor go into your skin of charater becomes easy.

Also MULK is bringing Rishi Kapoor and Rajat Kapoor s together second time after Kapoors and Sons

The much awaited MULK movie Trailer is out on Zee Music YouTube Channel .

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