Rishi Kapoor was my only choice to play Murad Ali Mohammed – Anubhav Sinha

Director Anubhav Sinha who is known for some very sensational.movies unlike TUM BIN and many more. Also in field of animation came with a lovely stuff RA ONE. But this time coming on a social issue for the first very time known as Mulk.

MULK (Rishi Kapoor Poster)

Mulk is a story of Murad Ali Mohammed (Rishi Kapoor) who becomes the victim after his  Shahid  (Pratik Babbar) is shot for being helping the supporting nation. Murad Ali Mohammed s journey to prove that s it his nation (MULK) is a extravaganza journey.

Talking to Anubhav Sinha ; Rishi Kapoor was my choice when was writing the story. But when I told to Rishi ji ; He told first “Who s the Hero?”

On this  I told ; Sir u are the hero and Tapsee Pannu and Ashitosh Rana. Then Rishi ji told just one thing “Lets do it” and I was on my top charts of my happiness -Anubhav Sinha

Mulk ( Rishi Kapoor , Tapsee Pannu Poster)

When Priyanka asked about Tapsee Pannu coming in picture; Anubhav Sinha tells “Tapsee and me were friends were for quite a long and always wanted to work with each other”. When I narrated story to her; she was happy and smiled “I am ready”.

Tapsee Pannu plays the role of Aarti Malhotra who is a lawyer who after marriage becomes Aarti Shahid (Daughter in law of Murad Ali Mohammed . She helps in fighting case in his journey for love for his nation.

Rishi Kapoor in picture with Tapsee Pannu, Rajat Kapoor (Court scene)

Also then Investing officer in crime branch Javed played by Rajat Kapoor ; also comes in suspects because of his religion. I meas they are Indians first , and why everytime religion has come.

On this Anubhav Sinha tells one word; “This is a big political game” . I mean there are several hindus who are unemployed ; and who bothers . These politicians know the key factor to attack on ones sentiments and choose religion.

They make us fight and  divide in the name of religion just to get their votes; really insane. Its time for people to think on their love for their Mulk and not any Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid issue which is a big political game.

The Last word ; Anubhav Sinha tells ” Am very small man and request all Rishi Kapoor fans; Tapsee Pannu fans; Rajat Kapoor fans; Ashitosh Rana and ….. come and support the issue we are coming in Mulk. They are really outstanding ”

Anubhav Sinha with Praiyanka Raina , and DOP Mady Bhullar

Mulk releases in cinemaas in 3rd august 2018


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