GOLD (Review) Disappoints?| Akshay Kumar | Priyanka Raina | Mouni Roy

 Dishoom-Selfie-Akshay-Kumar-with-Priyanka-RainaCast : Akshay Kumar , Mouni Roy , Amit Sadh
Produced By Excel Entertainment
Review by : Priyanka Raina

“Before I write about  , let me tell that I was promoting GOLD more then other films as I knew Akshay  Kumar would come with extra ordinary message” – Priyanka Raina

Talking about Akshay Kumar recent films like Toilet and Padman, where he has brought a super message to public , I expected a lot from Gold. Thought GOLD would be message to unite India or on cost increase or something like that from Olympics. But its nothing like that.

       GOLD is a story of Akshay Kumar who is junior manager in British Indian Hockey team where team wins match during 1930 match in England. But that time country was not free , so he tought that One Day We will win and host out our flag & not Britsh India flag. Then team  comes back after winning and Akshay kumar on his drinking habbit is removed from federation. Entire Hockey team separates and then shown glimpses of partition where Train coming in a very slow motion .where they hit their caption just because he is muslim. Now Half players leave for Pakistan and Two or three left behind. This is phase of Intermission with totally a slow pace first half

         Now Again Team divides. He forms his new hockey team by selling wife s Gold (ornaments) as Federation does not trust that country can form a good team. This is what shown in CHAK DE INDIA. Now the phase goes some what similar , Their girls fight and here Boys fight when Akshay Kumar brings federation to invest on team They play same trick to unite them by Lengthier dialogues.

Again in selection party , Akshay Kumar shown taking whisky and removed from team  due to his bad behavior after drinking. So Team goes to England without Akshay Kumar and old manager. Old manager unites with England and puts India PAK in one group as Englad wanted so in Semis  Only one team comes. But these players didnt want so write to Akshay. then Akshay Kumar flies to London and  again different groups formed with INDO PAK in differnt groups.

Match part to show India Win is like Bad version of Chak De India , where shown few shots of teams, then Notice board with points table and in end INDIA winning. Then same misunderstandings happen between boys and they divide on terms of languages. Then Akshay Kumar comes and unites them . ( This pace is actually boring).

Casting : Gold is certainly not Akshay Kumar film he deserves to be after a knock out Padman. Mouni Roy , why do serial actors come as lead in films, as they are loud on small screen with background music and same she is so loud and becomes irritable . Hockey team actors casting were too not up to mark, as was sounding artificial. I could hear comments ” Over Acting kar raha hai in theaters“.

Direction : Gold is too slow in first half and Bad version of Chak De India in Second half. what else you wanna know more ?

Music : Music of the film is again slow and songs doesnt come on my lips like AAJ SE TERI SAARI RATIYAAN  ” one. Also song doesn’t forcibly  collaborate with film.

The Last Word  Watchable or Not : If you are looking content as seen in past Akshay Kumar movies, then ofcoarse not coz you will loose your faith of good movies. And then say Gold Disappoints …..

Also Gold will recover its cost from ADVANCE BOOKINGS like ADHM  but unlike to will loose faith from audience

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