Isabelle Kaif brands the Jewellary of Bandhan;

Newly launched store in town by Santosh Srivastava in suburbs of Borivali – Bandhan Jewellers which they have tied with four leading brands and also included BEING HUMAN one of them .

Also will be first association on Being Human jewellary ; first store open in Chandigarh.

Isabelle Kaif and Priyanka Raina

Also Priyanka asked Isabelle ;  Which is your favourite jewellary you use in daily terms. Like any other girl Isabelle more comfortable with Ear rings and necklace .

When asked on Love with Bollywood and favourite Salman Khan film; Isabelle expressed deeper love for Bollywood and told ; “I watch a lot of Salman films; To name one I think would be unfair. Difficult to choose one Salman film”

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