Rajma Chawal (Review)|Rishi Kapoor |Generation gap from Theater to Digital Smart phones

By Priyanka Raina

There are several movies based on lifestyle of Chandni Chowk of Delhi, Like in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham  Lifestyle of Kajol shown with full of life. Also in years , We have have seen movies on 3 MM Cinema screen. Now a days with technology , World is not only turning Digital , But our Cinema too digitally going. Yes , we are talking about RAJMA CHAWAL featuring Rishi Kapoor , which released on Netflix today.

Rajma Chawal on Netflix

Well in simple words , Rajma Chawal is a story of Father and Son relationship which are on its few complications which he does not want to reveal to his son. Father (Rishi Kapoor) sells his his flat in suburbs of Delhi and comes to PURANI DELHI named as Chandni Chowk where his whole friend circle was staying with his son. Here his son was angry because his Band was broken and now he came a bit far. His son is a musician and owns a popular You Tube channel.

As there are less talks in family , and his son always on mobile. Rishi Kapoor discusses with his friends on “Why he is not talking” . They tell “Dont worry , Its Generation gap and its time of Smart phones”. Rishi Kapoor tells that I will too learn and insists to install application on his phone. He sends requests to his son on Facebook, But he did not accepts and blocks. Now Rishi Kapoor takes his friends advice and makes facebook on TARA ‘s name and send his son request. Guess He accepts.

Now Son is chatting to TARA and in real TARA is his Dad , Wow sounds interecting , isnt it? Now who is TARA  -A girl who never existed or someone from mystery . Everything was going well between SON and FATHER on chat , till Son saw TARA one day in his show and Tara did not recognize him.

Now What will TARA do?   IS there ‘s end to Father s conversation on facebook ? Well that’s sweet – Bitter tale elaborated beautifully by Director LEENA YADAV, which you can watch on NETFLIX.

Review: Rajma Chawal is a lovely tale that describes Father Son realtionship with generation leap. Father learns Digital applications to come closer to his son. Also revealing that in Today’s world knowing Digital knowledge is so important, Life becomes so easier. As smart phones have come , so theaters started having lesser crowd as movies coming on NETFLIX 

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