Trivia -Dil Hai ki Maanta hai is a REMAKE of Raj Kapoor’s CHORI CHORI !!

By Priyanka Raina

Born in mid 80s , Its obvious have seen Dil Hai ki maanta nahi more then 100 times and remember its scene to scene with Dialogues.  Today 14th Dec , while Celebrating Raj Kapoor Birthday saw some of the classics . But when saw Chori Chori  – Totally amazed  as fully copied by Mahesh Bhatt (Scene by Scene) But keeping new generation in mind as movie released in 90s.


Dil Hai ki maanta nahi featuring Aamir Khan , Pooja Bhatt is Complete Remake of  CHORI CHORI featuring Raj Kapoor , Nargis Dutt .

In Chori Chori , in the same way starts from Nargis in ship not eating the food and promises her Dad that she will run to get marry to her love which is played by Pran who is a total fraud. On the way , in boats she founds Travelers singing song . As she did not carry money while running so sells off her Diamond ring to reach to bangalore.

Also she meets Sagar (Raj Kapoor) in the same way at PCO where he is talking to editor since long , and She tired of waiting to know what’s her Lovers status. They catch Bus to Bangalore and in the same way meet where Nargis sitting on RAJ Kapoor s seat . And then Sagar forcefully sits on chair.

Now on the other hand Nargis ‘s Dad put Advertisement in papers and radio that who will give her daughters news – will get 1.2 lacs . Here there are two to three couples shown chasing them. But Sagar is saving her as he had seen AD  & knew that guy (Pran) is not a good man- warned her to go back but she denies.

Now Bus stops for half hour where Nargis tells “I will be late , Dont wait for me”. Now as she is busy singing song Aaaj main azaad hoon duniya ki nazar mein , same like Oh mere sapno ke saudagar – Bus leaves when she reaches . And Raj Kapoor is waiting for her with luggage. Now they get another Bus but there a Shayar who had seen paper is after Nargis, So they have to leave bus.

They look for a place to spend the night and think. In the room , in same way Raj Kapoor ties Rope in between with bedshits to Divide the room – As owner was giving room only to couples. Here we get song Yeh raat bheegi Bheegi , Yeh mast fizaay hain same situation as Aadyaan bhi hain , Mohabbat bhi hai, Mere Mehboob mein.

Then as they are in shortage of money because Nargis spends money in shopping, they have to leave place. They start walking in jungle, Nargis stops pleeding she is tired. Here Raj Kapoor says that have to reach village before it becomes dark else not safe here. Unlike title song , there Aamir khan gets watermellon, Here Raj Kapoor gets Banana. They are sitting when couple comes who had seen advertisement with a scooter. Sagar and Nargis make them fight and run with scooter.  As petrol gets over, They somehow manage to reach village and ask for staying till morning. They tell have to to give rent by morning.

Now AAJA SANAM MADHUR CHANDINI resembles situation MAINU ISHQ DA LAGIYA ROG , and after that song they had fight  & Nargis Dutt went to room and slept after crying. Then Raj Kapoor enters , He is sharing his thoughts and then realizes that she is in deep sleep. Leaves a letter that he will come till morning , after meeting his editor.

In the same way Aamir khan fills petrol tank leaving his cap telling “Keep cap, will pay and take cap by morning” , Here Raj Kapoor leaves his hat at petrol pump. Sagar reaches Editor offices and tell this STORY, Editor first denies but latter agrees . Sagar asks 1000 so he can get marry , But Editor gives him cheque of 2000 – Telling in morning by 10 cash it from bank.

On  the other hand where room owners saw scooter not there , and Sagar has taken briefcase too- They throw Nargis out. Crying Nargis Dutt calls her father. JHer Dad comes to pick her from the place immediately. And On way Sagar sees Nargis in car , HE goes to editor to give money back when he wa blaming him. Editor insisted to keep money , saying this story is true and I believe in you.

Only End is slight change of DIl hai ki…….

Now On wedding Day of Chori Chori,His dad keeps a small press conference where journalists insists to call bride.His dad brings Nargis . When Journalists leave , There was sagar sitting there to ask some questions. He tells want money of bringing her. when her dad gives 1.2 lacs , He tells not this – Want money spent on her RS , 10Rs , etc. Their misunderstandings clear and Her Dad is happy atleast she going with right person. Dad comes and tells Pran who is sitting on Mandap ” Nargis Dut ran with her lover”

PR (Priyanka Raina) creates RK (Raj Kapoor ) set types  t give a feel for picture.

Well This was rarest trivia , I was comparing Chori Chori with Dil Hai ki maanta nahi because I saw that movie first .

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