AAH | (1953) Raj Kapoor Classic film

By Priyanka Raina

The Movie AAH , Directed by Raja Nawathe and Written By Inder Raj Anand is a cult 1953 classic , Produced under Banner RK Studios. AAH Features Raj Kapoor , Nargis Dutt , Pran, and Vijaylaxmi in Lead Roles.

maxresdefaultAAH is basically a love triangle on a different scale where marriages are arranged by parents, But Children through letters find how s the person – That they are going to  spend their lives with.

AAH is a story of Raj (Raj Kapoor) who marriage fixes with Chandra (Vijaylaxmi) , But they both refuse saying , How can we marry whom we dont know. So Raj s Dad gives them Post Box number so that they can know each other by sending letters here. Now Here ‘s there is twist , While Chandra refuses to meet after reading first letter, Her Young sister Neelu (Nargis Dutt) wrote letters by her Name to Raj. And Guess Raj fel;t in love with Chandra….

Now this seems as our generation Mujse Dosti Karoge ,  Isnt it ?

Well, Tables twist when Neelu goes to meet Raj in the name of Chandra. Also she reveals her identity, But on other hand – Raj gets an Tuberculosis attack and admitted in hospital for six months. Now what happens next is a the real heart breaking story which will touch your heart.

One word for AAH – AAH is an Raj Kapoor movie with sweet music and a lovely heartbreaking message , that will leave you apart.

Also in a day or Two , have seen couple of Raj Kapoor films where he has acted like Barsaat , Chori Chori, Andaz, Shree 420. Awara, Sapno ke Saudagar, Dharam Karam , Challia and many more. Have noticed one moment that Raj Kapoor and Nargis Dutt had the most entertaining films with good lovely messages in early 50s.

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