To ShahRukh Khan -Visual Effects is make Film look better & Not PHOTOSHOPPED actor!

Dear Shah Rukh Khan ;

I am not a specific fan of any actor except Aamir Khan and Rishi Kapoor movies; but a deeply fascinated2 Towards content driven films. Fascinated by films such as 3 Idiots; Dangal; Mulk and many more which has message towards society. RajKumar Hirani films now a days is itself a trademark; which will leave you with a society change message.

Princess Priyanka Raina

If you will ever come across my reviews; I always tell “What is there in the film and why should you watch it?” ; “If Public spends 500 on ticket; Will they be entertained by content?”

Am a Director myself as Directed many short films which are viral on Digital platforms ; and can never criticise any film. I may be of mid 80s but Have almost seen all Era of movies unlike Raj Kapoor ; Dilip Kumar; Shashi Kapoor; Joy Mukherji; Manoj Kumar ; Dharmendra ; Jeetendra in the deep 50s to 60s. Deeply Fascinated by the films on their creativity.

Now a days ; looks as if am constantly seeing photoshoped cinema where characters look differnt then original. Here it basically kills creativity and story of your films; which is a result that Cinema Lovers like me will loose interest in your films.

When I saw FAN at Yashraj studios; at that moment told a friend “Is this shahrukh; no cant be. ..  he looks so young and totally changed and different” . I was confused and from then onwards started loosing interest in your movies as looked artificial.

Visual Effects which is used to make movie look better; we use color correction. It can’t be used as photoshop ur self ; then movie look will start looking dull and that’s what is happening Zero trailer Didnt fascinated me.

As we say ; A true friend is that who tells your mistakes and not TAARIF – Where tell a bad movie too a good one. Just be your self ; play roles like DANGAL where story is ths hero and you dont need to photoshop your self. Believe me; you will rock again like Dil to pagal hai days.

I am not PR ; PR is my name – Magical Priyanka Raina and a true cinema lover. Do follow back for genuine write ups on movies and also log on to Priyanka s official website

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