Honoured to be part of 17th Asian Film festival| Priyanka

First of all ; I am big movie lover and have fantacies to walk into film festivals ; where you meet differnt people of differnt languages – But their Religion is one and That is Cinema. 

Priyanka Raina at 17th Asian Film festival

Suggested by Reknown Film Critic Jyothi Venkatesh to see these films and  so came forward to watch. As previously suggested too was a lovely Chumbak.

Saw two wonderful films on closing day – Firstly Teen Muharat (Three Auspicous Hours) Directed by Deyali Mukerji . This film is of 70 min duration with Three short stories involved in it. These short stories indicate Life ; human relationships and on day to day problems.

Secondly is a Film Teacher which is based on life of rural village. A village has a local school where no one respects to study. Hardly anyone is educated there. A teacher named Ashish Kumar comes to village and changes the mind of villagers; educates children; tries to change the system – But some culprits who are against became his enemies. What Happens next; Will he be able to train students ; is the story beutifully told!

Also in panel discussed over Content based films where films Badhai Ho; Andhadhun winning over public s heart. Nil batte Sannata film was first made and they almost roamed festivals over a year; once Eros came in pipeline- Film got released.

If films have content ; then small budget films can win over  big Budget films.

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