Farewell to 2018 with a Gratitude of winning Best Director at Perfect Women Achievers Awards – Priyanka Raina

Feels great when your work gets appreciated ,as just a small way to start with Short films Directed by went viral on Digital platforms.  Like Short Film Zindagi , Directed By me Hits 44 MILLION hits on you tube. And at Perfect Women Achievers Awards  , Priyanka Raina won Best Director for Zindagi

Priyanka Raina (Best Director)

Also Jyothi Venkatesh bags Best Critic ,  Divya Solgama bags the Best RJ , Chatinya Padukarne bags the Best Journalist Award , Rekha Khan Bags the Best Editor at Hindustan Times at Perfect Women Achievers Awards 2018.

Jyothi Venkatesh (Best Critic) , Chatinya Padularne (Best Journalist) and Priyanka Raina (Best Director for Short Films) pose at PEFECT WOMEN ACHIEVERS AWARDS !

Perfect Woman is a magazine which showcases Lifestyle of  current fashion updates . Third Perfect Women Achievers is Organised by Gurubhai Thakkar and Dr Khooshi Gurubhai Thakkar.

For More More Bollywood updates , Dont forget to Log to Priyanka Raina , www.magicpr.com


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