Sacred Games| The game is Sacred one| Netflix

After listening to some amazing reviews and hype of SACRED GAMES ; Just seemed to watch it on Netflix – Wanted to know after all what is the Game about that is Sacred.

Well; to start with SACRED GAMES is a story of Nawazzuddin Siddique (Bad one) who is a son of Pandit; But he never wanted to be pandit. Runs from there and comes to Bombay where he got job of a waiter in a HINDU restaurant. On the other hand; a Drug peddlar gave him Drugs and he always wanted to make his name in Drugs. Cunningly ; he puts chicken pieces in the plates of customers and then…..

Nawazzuddin Siddique & Priyanka Raina

“Its very easy to make people fight in the name if religion”– This is what he believes.

Now on the other hand SAIF ALI KHAN (Good one)turns up when a half Murder in town happens; A 18 year old kid who was about to surrender – was killed by his seniors who was corrupt.  His life was totally a mess untill he gets call from Nawazzuddin Siddique who completely believes that This is a our life and everyone is part of it in a very small character. 

Now what is the mystry between the Good one and the Bad one is the 55 min story to reveal SACRED GAMES

Saif Ali Khan and Priyanka Raina

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