Accidental Prime Minister | PM party ka ya party PM ke liye

Directed By : Vijay Gutte                          Produced by : TAP Official; Pen movies

Cast : Anupam Kher ; Akshay Khanna      Review By : Priyanka Raina


Its period when ever a film is made on History; A film lies in a bit controversial circle of game. And if the film is on constituency of our India🇮🇳 – Then taken with more interest to know the hidden truth of 10 YEARS.

Today just seemed to watch Release of the day Accidental Prime minister and a bit shocked after that ; on how Dr. Manmohan Singh was just a puppet of Sonia Gandhi in the name of Congress.

“Party PM ki hai ya PM party ke liye”

A Prime minister is suppose to work for nation; for the upliftment of our nation and the corrupt ones are playing with it. Story of Accidental Prime Minister goes simple to tell what happened between 2004 to 2014; which we all are aware of – What was shown to us through Media. 

Our story reveals the inner side which none of us knew when Congress won elections; and from where Sonia Gandhi brought Dr. Manmohan Singh (Anupam Kher) who was not allowed to even speak at assembly. Journalist Sanjay Baru (Akshaye Khanna) wbo fights for injustice ; appointed as PMO media head by Manmohan singh – But who was not even allowed to post even one news.

Rest is history and you will be shocked to see that how these Congress destoyed our Nation. Relief of Clap comes only when shown 2014 ELECTION time and NARENDRA MODI enters frame.

Direction: Vijay Gutte has a well executed script with all the phases of history keeping in mind .

Acting : Anupam Kher is a Actor maker who makes actors #ActorPrepares and is brilliant in Accidental Prime minister. Akshaye Khanna brings light to the film as Sootradhar who introduces all charaters and is True right handof PMO.

Review: Can just say after watching Accidental Prime minister ; Thank God by the blessings we got NARENDRA MODI who can and has saved India🇮🇳

Rating: Full FIVE starz to MODI sarkar and Minus five to Congress for Looting

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