National Musuem of Indian Cinema | Globalised vast culture

National Musuem of Indian cinema ia located at Gulshan Mahal within Films Division.

Director Priyanka Raina took a vast look at National Musuem of Indian Cinema. “Since was knowing entire history and this musuem gave me pictures in real which was till now in my mind 😊 of what would that era look like” – Priyanka says.

Here first frame from Lumirie Brothers who made Ist documentary “Birth of Pea plant” in 1896. This was a frame film where they clicked photogtaphs and they arranged them through machine.

Lumerie Brothers made first Documentary in 1896 ; Birth of Pea plant

Now comes Dadasaheb Phalke who was actually assisting them; observing how pea plant was developed. Then went to london to take advance knowlege on Cinema. Ukians were fascinated by Dadabhai s knowledge and offered to direct for them. Dadasaheb Phalke denied ; brought camera and some equipments to edit and came to India.


Then came our first 20 min musical film without voice  Raja Harishchandra released on 3rd may 1913. here there were no females as male actors have played role of female too.

Then Dadaji thought ; now time to give first Female actor to Indian Cinema. So here by Mohini Bahamasur came in 1916. Then the silent era film started ; untill first talkie film of Indian Cinema ALAMERA – Directed by Ardeshir Irani released in 1931


Alam Era also introduced Prithviraj Kapoor and Zubedia ; and produced by Bombay Talkies which was considered that time as film association.

Then  there are first camera to latest technologies shared globally (All working) . Some fun games unlike CHILLAR PARTY and VFX where you can stand in green space and see backgroud changing.


Guess where Priyanka Raina is there in picture; these are some games and Make up Vfx; to animation which will help you understand more about our incredible cinema.


A lot of more to study on our globalised Indian Cinema ; Thanks honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi for giving such a vast platform to students.

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