PR Prem Jhangiani cautions Marathi Film Industry against releasing multiple films on the same Friday on March 1st again !

Flms are made with lots of pain , so whats the point of releasing your film with a Line of film. Like On Feb 8th 2019 , we had 9 Marathi films released on same Friday and the result was DUD , Khallas and Loot. All Films were Flop , No audience in Cinema halls and 9 Film producers were out of the Industry.

And Once again History may Repeat on March 1st as there are Five Marathi movies on Release. On this Prem Jhangiani requests Film Producers , “Please dont carry awa that we have best story line , We will hit everything . Use your Brains and see the occupancy. One Right decision and you make billions, and One wrong Decision will get your millions down the drain

Media PP Prem Jhangiani

While there are many individuals and organisations in the PR business today, there are some who have made a significant contribution to the industry with their extraordinary ideas and methods. One such person is PR Guru and media director Prem Jhangiani. The man, who has been working in the Marathi film industry for ten years now, is known for providing with the best media and marketing ideas and solutions to his clients. The man, through his company Friends In Corporate has handled the PR for leading Marathi celebrities and films including ‘Lai Bhaari’, ‘Paying Ghost’, ‘Mission Possible’, ‘Family Katta’, ‘No Entry Pudhey Dhoka Aahey’ and several others.

The man, with a strong marketing acumen, recently expressed his concern over the trend of releasing multiple films on the same day. He feels this practice is turning out to be detrimental for the business of Marathi films.

Sharing his views on the same, he says, “I do not understand the logic behind releasing so many films on the same Friday. This Friday, there are as many as nine films hitting the theatres. Do we really expect the audience to turn up for all these films? How are films going to breathe amidst such competition. I do not understand what the producers, distributors or even the marketing people are thinking. Nobody is questioning such a suicidal move.”

Prem Jhangiani hopes that this trend will change in the near future.  “People learn from their mistakes. I hope the failure of the recent Marathi films would serve as a wake-up call for people who have failed to understand such a simple thing”, he ends on a parting note.

We are Filmmakers and make film from Blood and lots of Hardships. And when film is made, There is in all a bad political game which at the end destroys the film.

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