Kesari in Notebook is the Highlight of March for Cinema Lovers!

By Priyanka Raina 

March begins with huge contemporary list of movies like Son Chiriya , Luka Chupi and with 8 Marathi Films releasing March 1st itself. AS heard that SON CHIDIYA featuring Sushan Singh Rajput  is on fighting movie on darker side and This means movie not watchable in theaters as would not satisfy you. Luka Chupi as heard on First half reveals sweetness of Hum Apke Hain Kaun – So would rather watch HUM APKE HAIN KAUN again .

With Hamid , Badla , Photograph , Yeh Suhag Raat Impossible , Code Blue , Pyar se pyaar Tak and some of the names which you must not even heard of will releasing in month of March.

I feel Movies which might share you some message , and are worth a watch in Theaters of-coarse are Kesari and Notebook – At-least  these movies wont let you down when you come out of Cinema halls.

Film Notebook introduces fresh cast  , which reveals a love story based on Kashmir . The Notebook is produced by SKF Films. Kesari featuring Akshay Kumar is a story of a sikh rebellion

Beyond these movies , Stuff from Netflix and Zee 5 are on Hit list , and you are forgetting VB App (Vikram Bhatt) which has some amazing content of Web series on way.

Watch Notebook Trailer 


Watch Kesari Trailer


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