Main Bhi Chowkidaar | Narendra Modi | Indicates every single Common Man creator in Himself

By : Priyanka Raina 

Narendra Modi

First off all , I hardly know much about politics as am Film Director Priyanka Raina But can see one Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing a great job. Before we come on analysis let me say a song came in 1970 on MEHENGHAI from Roti Kapda aur Makaan which told about corruption.

As we are filmmakers, so make mostly films based on current situation only. So can judge from 1970 to 2014 how Congress has ruined our lives in the name of Corruption. Thankfully by the blessings , We got Narendra Modi  who is just simple doing great.

Now Before 2014 , Internet was just 800 MB , not even 1 GB free and on One Download your Bill would go upto 3000 – This was Cap Congress.

After 2014, My Vodafone number is billing and bill comes just Rs 450 every month with 600 GB Data free, unlimited calls , 600 SMS and lots more.

Demonetization has reduced lots of Black marketing as lots of fake notes were introduced by congress. Now since everything is online, You can travel cashless in any part of world. Because of going cashless – Robbery has vanished.

Costing of Fruits and vegetables have remained same  TOLLS have mostly been shut , who were just open from ages just to fill their pockets.

Traffic signals have been introduced with cameras, If anyone breaks signal- Bill comes at their homes. And even Challan as E-Challan which is a sign where Traffic Hawaldars cant do manipulation .

Digital world has reduced corruption , Because they are scared that any one can shoot and upload video on you tube since brought almost free up-to 600 GB .

“I truly support our PM ‘s words of being an common man who is known by his achievements so add CHOWKIDAR before my name Priyanka Raina on Facebook and instagram too.” – Priyanka Raina

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