Kesari (Review By Priyanka Raina) | Akshay Kumar

By : Priyanka Raina 

The story of Kesari indicates a huge difference from past and present. Kesari indicates when Muslims were torturing innocent lives in the name of their Islamic rules called Jehaad. Akshay Kumar saves that Muslim girl from getting killed , and Now Muslims cant fight face to face. So after a week they get around 10000 to trap Fort where 21 Sikhs soldiers were staying.

Priyanka Raina goes Kesari

On this Sikh fought bravely , and 10000 Muslims came under the trap of 21 sikhs. On this leader of Muslim told, “Please fight bravely” . Then Akshay Kumar said, The Dialogue which is loved “At-least you don’t teach us Bravery, We are 21 and you brought around 10000- Is this Bravery?

Same story indicates to current scenario , when Pakistan behind the back did blasts on Valentine day in Kashmir. And When Indian Soldiers hit back , then they were pleeding for bravery. Well Kesari is full of Punjabi dialogues, songs and jokes between the soldiers.

Review : One word would be KESARI is the pride of Punjab and when Sikh thinks something then no one in the world can stop him. “And After All Kesari is on my Birthday”, Priyanka Raina adds

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