Romeo Akbar Walter (Review) |True Story of Unsung Hero

Directed By : Robbie Grewal
Written By : Robbie Grewal, Ishraq Shah
Produced By :Vanessa Walia, Ajay Kapoor, Gary Grewal, Vivek Bhatnagar, Dheeraj Wadhawan
Cast : John Abraham, Mouni Roy , Jackie Shroff, Alka Amin
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Before speaking on current film, Lets us discuss a bit about difference between War and Patriotic film. When ever a films on War is made Unlike Border, Saltanat, URI , Its more likely that it had to be great research to get the feel of realism. So is our Upcoming Todays Release (RAW) as Romeo Akbar Walter , Lets see How its fares among audience.

PR’s Verdict on Romeo Akbar Walter 

Well to begin with in year 1971 , Romeo Akbar Walter is a story of Romeo Ali (John Abraham) who works in a Bank and in-acts few roles in Theater plays as hobby – where he can transform into all age group roles. So at the same time Romeo was watched by Raw Agent (Jackie Shroff) who was on secret mission to know details about Pakistan. Romeo Ali is called in and he is being told to played a Pakistani guy Akbar Malik who is a Kashmir’s refugee to find out their plan. And then Akbar takes his journey to Pakistan , What happens next is a full action based true story of unsung hero.

During 1971 world war between India and Pakistan , we all know India won everywhere and the Officers because of whom we won. But there are some unsung heroes who left their everything, their families and stayed at Pakistan so can take out their details – Romeo Akbar Walter is a journey of such unsung hero Akbar Malik who faced hurdles, but did not quit. For him, his nation was first.

Music : Music of the film like  Bulleya and Vande mataram is good  as it keeps an pace of loop in the film. Even Romanticism unlike Jee lene De between John Abraham and Mouni Roy maintains a balance.

Characters : John Abraham after Satyameva Jayate has proved to be one of the versatile actors with significant roles. Jackie Shroff is cool with Dialogues that change game. Even Alka Amin, remember her – One who was in VIVAH played John Abraham’s Mother looks promising in her small role. Mouni Roy doesn’t have much , but justifies in a inch of role.

Screenplay and Direction : Romeo Akbar Walter is totally a Director ‘s flick , the way it has cut out especially the telephone sequence when the phone was tapped (How to change the game) is a Full RAW based drama of a unsung Gero who fought for his Nation staying away from his Nation.

Review : One star to the amazing Dialogues which are game turner, One star to Direction for maintaining the pace throughout , One star to the amazing cast for justifying their characters and Last but not least – One star to Music , Background score to be with movie

Watch Romeo Akbar Walter Trailer below


Romeo Akbar Walter featuring John Abraham  releases in Cinemas on 5th April 2019. For More More Bollywood updates , Don’t forget to Log to Priyanka Raina for Priyanka Raina Short films,

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