Narendra Modi – Incredible Journey of a Common Man | Our 2019 Prime Minister

Directed By : Umesh Shukla
Written By : Radhika Anand, Mihir Bhuta
Cast : Darshan Jariwala, Ashish Sharma, Prachee Shah Paandya, Mahesh Thakur, Faisal Khan
Released on : EROS NOW App
Observed By : Priyanka Raina

Before I start my Journey with a Incredible Man , let me tell you that I hardy know about politics as am a complete filmmaker. But was seeing MODI ji, that he doing a great job and First person who is not political and corrupt at all – But a great leader. Now after watch this amazing Web series by Umesh Shukla – Must say say ” I am complete Modi fan” . What an Incredible journey of a Common Man Narendra DamodarDas Modi. 

Real Hero NARENDRA MODI , well played by Actor Ashish Sharma

The Journey of our Houourable Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi satrted in three phases simultaneously . One a young Modi played by Faisal Khan where He helped his mom who used to prepare medicines for poor. His Dad had a Tea stall, and use to supply Tea . Also He gave Tea for free to Army officers saying that they are doing so much for our Country that this much we can do for them.

Middle age was played by Ashish Sharma where shows the struggle during 1978 when Congress had even made worst then British rule in the means of corruption. Also shown his journey with Sanyasi , how he use to get inspired by Sanyasi who use to come to village. Over all story is truly inspiring for any Common Man , that if you have confidence to do something – Then Just go for it, Dont think much.

Darshan Jariwala was good in small part playing the role of Narendra Modi’s Father. Prachi Shah Paandya must say is a wonder full actor who played role of Narendra Modi ‘s Mother.

Review : SAUGHAND HAI MUJHE BHARAT KI, Namo again and Presenting Honorable Narendra Modi 2019 Prime Minister . Salute you Sir

Narendra Modi Web Series by OH MY GOD Director Umesh Shukla is available on EROS NOW App.

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