“From Ghayal Fanboy to Directing Sunny Deol was itself Scary & thats how turns BLANK”- Behzad Khambata

By Priyanka Raina

From a Journey of being a Die Hard fan of Ghayal to Directing Sunny Deol was itself scary and a bit inspirational too. “All credits goes to my Producers Tony Dsoza whom had assisted for quite a while and had faith in my subject”, Says Debutante Director Behzad Khambata .

“Firstly Bringing Two Superstars Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar in very first film BLANK which is a dream of any Director , How was you feeling? ” As asked by Priyanka

Director’s Cut : Behzad Khambata and Priyanka Raina

On this Behzad Khambata tells , “It just a Dream come true. Akshay Kumar as he is Karan Kapadia ‘s cousin so wasn’t that difficult.  But Casting Sunny Deol was itself going Blank , as was knowing that wouldn’t be possible , But Tony knew Deols and just narrated an idea of Blank which he eventually liked. So I was called to narrate story to Sunny Deol. And was made sit in-front of Actor whom had idolized since Ghayal – Mr Sunny Deol. Firstly was Bit Scared and nervous too, On This Sunny Deol said “Dont worry , I have heard story . Liked it. want to hear from you Vission”

This gave a me relief , also made a sign GHAYAL poster which I had on my Home wall since 90’s. I told Sunny Sir, ” Sir am a fan first and then Direcor”  And watch out the conversation of Behzad Khambata with Priyanka Raina below

Also talking on Karan Kapadia on choosing a Dark film , Behzad Khambata says “Karan itself wanted to do such a film , He never wanted to be launched in a Rom Com when he had optons too. Also in his looks when he is spotted roads or anywhere , He looks particular as any other simple Juhu Boy”

Our Team Right from technicians to Assistants we have kept all Debutantes , Like BLANK is my First Direction, Karan’s First film and so on. Sunny Deol was the  only superstar on set, but managed Sunny Sir ‘s dates as  He is also occupied with his Son ‘s Karan Deol Debut film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas .

When asked what according to you is Karan Kapadia ‘s Positive and negative points, On this Behzad Khambata replied “Sir one more Shot please” . And I tell you this shot is perfect , and still Karan never satisfied – He wants to deliver his best.

Also as told by Priyanka Raina on Content Based films, That now days Small films with content are running pretty well as TASHKENT FILES had a thundering good second week then first. On this Behzad replies, “Its good that now a days Audience is going towards content and as we say there ‘s a place for everyone in this industry.

Stars or Content – Content is always important and Content make Stars, Like I am huge fan of cinema and Have seen movies because of my Favorite stars.

Watch out the Video conversation on Content

Going Blank is sometimes Fun, and you come out with a Message. Well to know more,  find it on 3rd May 2019 at your nearby cinemas

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