Filmistaan Jodi now set to for something different on 31st May 2019 with NAKKASH!

By Priyanka Raina

NAKKASH featuring the famous Filmistaan Pair “Sharib Hanshmi” And “InaamUlhaq”  Trailer was launched on 8th May2019.  As we can see , Filmistaan was  a small film in Budget – But Rich film in Content , That’s why worked on Public Word of Mouth.

Even Recently a small Budget movie Tashkent Files which has ruled over Karan Johar ‘s Kalank and maintained in-front of Hollywood ‘s Avengers in small numbers. AS Tashkent Files enters in its Fifth Housefull week in theaters ,We can say now a days if Public spends money – They want Content and not stars.

Bringing Filmistaan Hit pair in NAKKASH

Nakkash is based on Religion values that happen in Varanasi, How people make their own laws and ruin just in name of Religion. Watch  Trailer below and judge yourselves, You Word of mouth can make another film Big – As we can say “Audience is King”

Watch NAKKASH Trailer here

Nakkash movie Releases on 31st May at Cinemas near you

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