The Royal Palate- Richness of Indian Food from Chef Kunal Kapur|Priyanka

By Editorial

Chef Kunal Kapoor to introduce viewers to India’s Royal culinary heritage on TVF ‘s new series in association with Behrouz BiryaniTHE ROYAL PALATE

Chef Kunal Kapoor, Priyanka Raina

Royalty has been always a source of fascination , Both on and off screen. Their way of Life, The rules of management with the royals, the way they conduct themselves, and of course the way they eat has always been a matter of intrigue.

Speaking about The Royal Palate , Chef Kunal Kapur said to Priyanka Raina “India has an extremely rich history and even today there are several royal families that follow culinary traditions passed down for generations. Knowing the origins for such fantastic food traditions, anecdotes and stories associated with them is absolutely riveting.”

Do watch video below where our Priyanka Raina explains the products , richness of Indian spices, food and culture.

(Watch Video to know about Richness in Indian Spices by Priyanka Raina)

The show features popular influences such as Sara Todd, Melvin Louis ,Barkha Singh, Kunwar Kumar, Banafsha Soonawala, Ahsaas Channa, Vineeth Beep Kumar and Nasser AL Azzeh.


The show goes Live on 16th May and will be available to viewers every Thursday on TVF Play and The Timeliners.  


So all Food lovers , Join the ROYAL PALATE journey o 16th may 2019 on TVF

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