De De Pyaar De(Review) | Love is Beyond “Relationships”

Directed By : Luv Ranjan, Akiv Ali
Cast : Ajay Devgn , Tabu, Rakul Preet Singh, Alok Nath
Banner : Ajay Devgn Films, YRF , Luv Films
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Talking on Threesome films in past like “One Hero and Two heroines” or Vice Versa, Its obvious we have seen one in negative and other positive lover. But in our Today’s film DE DE PYAAR DE is full with lots of “Pyaar” and no “Hatred” at all.

PR’s Verdict on DE DE PYAAR DE

Film De De Pyaar De in short a lovey film that tells us about the relationships goals, That how important is understanding to maintain relations. Its not Ego but taking care of others situation too.

Film De De Pyaar De Directed by Luv Ranjan in short is a story of Ashish Uncle (Ajay Devgn) who meets Aiysha (Rakul) through common friends at a Bachelor party where Ayesha is found fully drunk. Here Ashish had told he is searated 18 years ago and had kids too, Ayesha was chasing on him and reminding him Age gap. When they finally decided to stay together, Ashish thinks that she should meet his family and so Brings to India – Where whole scenario was different. His daughter was getting married and lots more when his wife (TABU) met aisha in form of his secretary . 

(Jimmy Shergill) who was their neighbor was put line on TABU , and ASHISH ‘s son too fallen for Ayesha. Well that’s more filled with complete entertainment and Retro songs RAAH MEIN UNSE MULAKAT and PAPA KEHTE HAIN….

Direction : Luv Ranjan films is what am always fan of, The way he tells stories based on relationships in such a simple and sweet form is immortal.

Cast : Ajay Devgn is as usual outstanding , Love the Singham effect most and my favorite song RAAH MEIN UNSE MULAKAT HO GAYI. Tabu no doubt is a versatile actress, Rkul was good as a new Bee. The famous BABUJI Alok Nath didnt have much scenes , but was good enough in a small role. Jimmy Shergill was good in chasing and in short a Full of Dose family entertainer.

The Last Word : “De De Pyaar De” leaves you with such a beautiful message that Relationships don’t break because of others. It goes down because of your selves. Stop blaming others and accept what you are.


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