“Narendra Modi” Biopic (Review) | Vivek Oberoi | Hardships faced by Common Man to his journey of PM

20190523_210430Cast : Vivek Oberoi as Narendra Modi
Suresh Oberoi as Sanyasi
Boman Irani as TATA
Kishori Balraj as Indira Gandhi
Manohar Joshi as BJP candidate
Directed by : Sandeep Singh
Presenter : Omung Kumar
Banner : Anand Pandit Motion Pictures
Review by : Priyanka Raina

When we talk on Biopics , its certain that movie is indefinite to bound on lots of research and news articles although if its an Iconic figure. The Man behind Biopic who has created history with MARYKOM, SARABJIT and now lets see How he fares with movie of iconic “Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi as we all know is a journey of a Common man who came with his own Hardships and struggle in making Gujarat a TATA center , and then decided to change the History of India. As I had seen web series too made by Umesh Shukla too on Eros Now website , so scenes were too reflecting on common points but idea of story telling was quite different. Also Recent Tashkent Files which was based on Laal Bahadur Shastri murder , too told lots of Bitter things about opposition.

Narendra Modi Played by Vivek Oberoi starts from a young Boy who helped his father in selling tea and then use to go to school. His mother use to wash utensils , which did not like so at Home he use to wash. When they were getting him married to JashodaBen Modi  , He left saying that he does not wants to get marry, He wants to be YOGI and goes in search of himself.

Rest is a journey based on news  articles which is told in the form of a interesting story like the “EMERGENCY” sequence held by Indira Gandhi or America denying MODI VISA or 93 Rights of Hindu Muslim conflict to getting TATA (Played by Boman Irani) for making largest Empire so can employ many people is full of Lots of claps and appreciations.

Then There are some direct dialogues like “Dont fight in the Name of religion, No Hindu is killed because of Muslim and No Muslim is killed because of Hindu. It is the TERROR and Terrorism has no religion” . Whom do you think was  responsible for INDIA PAKISTAN separation , Think?

Message Given :  BJP doesnt mean only Hindus , HINDUSTAAN means “Hinduism” and Hinduism reflects to all its citizens  staying here. We are ones who celebrate Ganpati too, People sit for Namaz on roads and even going to Mount Mary had the same significance. So BJP indicates all Humans who are Indians

Watch Trailer Here

Music : Coming to Music , “Saughand mujhe is Mitti ki” and “Fakira songs are already hitting the charts and goes with the loop too in movie.The song NAMO NAMO adds flavor of Winning streak of our Honorable PM Narendra Modi ji

The Last Word : The movie is must see to know the Truth , Must say the “Bitter Truth” and choose your own Leader for the Betterment of New India , Jai Hind.

Director Sandeep Singh and Priyanka Raina , Namo


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