Hollywood Meets Bollywood – #Oscar President John Bailey & Governor Carol Littleton gives Masterclass on their experience !

By Priyanka Raina

Sundays was quite a learning experience as talking on Cinema would never end talks and when there are President of Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences John Bailey and Governor of of Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences Editor Carol Littleton to give you details on Cinematography and Direction , what else woud you expect.

Starting Session with a Wonderful Masterclass by John Bailey and Carol Littleton with Priyanka Raina at INOX , Narimon Point.

Conversations would never end as they showed us about four scenes to be shot in detail, Firstly is the chasing sequence where Thief is caught running over the buildings by the police. Second is the Phone sequence where a Prank call at CALL CENTER ruins the life of caller.


Thirdly is the intimate scene where a Lover comes to say sorry , and how she acknowledges him was truly emphasizing. Last but not least , Fourthly was the rape scene where the lady kills the victim who was trying to touch her and acknowledges the police to save her. Then they to hide the body which are being shot going in heavy rains, Going in the boat and so on.

Followed by Lunch at JW MARRIOT , where also Dignitaries from Bollywood was just carried away with fruitful talks.

(L-R) Priyanka Raina, Carol Littleton , Pallavi Joshi and her Son

Here talking on Content based films where Topic came on how Tashkent Files made in limited budget is earning huge profits, as running in its Seventh week in theaters. On frame are Re known Actress Pallavi Joshi who was last seen in Tashkent Files with Oscar Editor Carol Littleton and Priyanka Raina.

Manoj Joshi , Carol Littleton and Priyanka Raina

Then Veteran Actor you must have seen in many Bollywood films and gujarati plays , Manoj Joshi catches up with Editor Carol Littleton to talk more cinema globally on how it reflects from Language bar.

Hollywood Meets Bollywood: John Bailey and Carol Littleton with the most beautiful KASHMIR KI KALI Sharmilaa Tagore ji and Priyanka Raina

Veteran Actress Sharmila Tagore , Mother of Superstar Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan who now a days is little out from Bollywood , As stays in Delhi but made a point to catch some fruitful knowledge on Advance film-making  with John Bailey and Carol Littleton

Also seen among other Actors were Kabir Bedi who needs no introduction, and Varsha Usgoankar , Ramesh Tekwani and many more.

Then Journey went to National Museum of Indian Cinema at Films Division where John Bailey and Carol Littleton saw History of Our cinema from growing since years , Starting right from First Documentary of Lumerie Brothers “Birth of Pea Plant”.

To Pose with Legends of Bollywod – Raj Kapoor ji

Last but not least when told Carol Littleton that you must see the corner of one of the Legends of Bollywood who has given Cinema which had meaning, Songs which would redefine Love and The man who created cinema. On this Carl Little Tod , “Is It ? Who is   the Actor” . On this told that He is my Role model , The person whom I respect  as Director  known as Showman of Bollywood – Raj Kapoor.

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